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  1. worst owner in sports? One former team employee said that a video was made of Washington cheerleaders accidentally exposing their breasts during a film shoot in 2008. “Larry [Michael, the team’s former head of media] said something to the effect of, ‘We have a special project that we need to get done for the owner today: He needs us to get the good bits of the behind-the-scenes video from the cheerleader shoot onto a DVD for him,’” Brad Baker, a former Washington team employee told the Post. Baker said he helped edit the video, which was burned on to a DVD labelled “For Executive Meeting”. The Post said it has a copy of the film. Michael, who resigned from the team last month, denies the allegations while Snyder is yet to comment. “I feel betrayed and violated,” said Heather Tran, one of the cheerleaders who took part in the 2008 shoot. Another former Washington cheerleader, Tiffany Bacon Scourby, told the Post that Snyder encouraged her to sleep with Tony Roberts, a childhood friend of Snyder. Scourby alleged Snyder told her at an event in 2004: “We have a hotel room. Why don’t you and Tony go upstairs and get to know each other better?” Other female employees told the Post they were banned from mixing with players in case they were a “distraction”, and that harassment was widespread at the franchise. “It was like fresh meat to a pack of wolves every time a new pack of interns would come in,” one woman said.
  2. Morgan Lewis and Bockius, a law firm that promises employers will “avoid union penetration, and strategically shape bargaining units to minimize potential union organizing victories”. In this corner we have Manfred as corporate defender, union busting zealot . .. . Manfred effectively excused the players of any wrongdoing. This was a “win” for the MLBPA. Unions normally try to minimize opportunities for management to severely punish employees. Here, the employees weren’t punished at all. Here we have Manfred as wimpy union sympathizer - giving immunity as an excuse to try to sweep all this under the rug at the behest of the owners. An excuse because all players in the MLBPA are already obligated under the collective bargaining agreement to “provide reasonable cooperation with an investigation, including but not limited to producing documents and information,” and Manfred has/had the right to punish them if they did not. He effectively threw away all his leverage and authority. Weak.
  3. "I knew about that two years ago, that it was going on," Lucroy said Thursday. "I know it just recently came out. Everyone in baseball [knew], especially in that division that played against them. According to Lucroy, the Athletics informed Major League Baseball about their experience with the Astros, but no investigation was started until Fiers went on the record with The Athletic in November. Athletics general manager David Forst confirmed to The Mercury News last week that Oakland complained to the league well before MLB's investigation commenced. "The guys were calling time and stepping out of the box as you take time to put your sign sequence down, and it was making games long and leaving guys out there. Their system, not only did it work with them having the signs and being able to see them, but it made our guys sit out there longer. Manfred assumed office on January 25, 2015.[13] He stated that his primary goals as commissioner were embracing technology and quickening the pace of play.
  4. Listening to the radio yesterday morning - lots of emotional fans here in Maine going off the rails. Meanwhile Wiggy and the rest of the Red Sox owned WEEI crew spent the morning bashing the oscars. Here are some gems from last years payroll . .. . . Price 31 mil, Porcello 21 mil, Sandoval 18 mil, Eovaldi 17 mil, Pedroia 15 mil, Rusney f'n Castillo 12 mil, Jackie Bradley 8 1/2 mil, Mitch Moreland 6 1/2 mil, Steve Peace 6 1/4 mil then there's the 145 mil Sale contract that was given out a year earlier than necessary and looks horrible. A lot of the fans around here are of the opinion of "I don't care what a Mookie 12 year contract looks like - it can't be any worse than the above!!" People paid to see Mookie: can't say that about the above players and the 135 mil they made last season. Even trading David "gotta save my arm for Fortnite" Price isn't making people feel much better about it. Sox fans are left wondering: were all these horrible contracts the last few years worth a title? Can Rusney at least pitch BP or shag flies? maybe mix the Gatorade? Sox management should be thanking their lucky stars that Xander asked for a below market deal a la Tom Brady, because he's now the heart and soul of this franchise that's raising ticket prices again for the umpteenth year in a row.
  5. first 3 paragraphs from, 4th from Jerry Beach article discussing Hinch being asked questions about sign stealing during 2017 alcs . .. .. . . The Commissioner's report said that Hinch twice took a bat to monitors that were used to steal signs, an indication that the manager did not approve of the players' methods. In hindsight, Hinch said, he should have taken further measures to stop what was happening. "I should have had a meeting and addressed it face forward and really ended it," he said. "Leadership to me is often about what you preach. Leadership's also about what you tolerate. I tolerated too much. "I wanted people to know that I didn't like it. I should have done more. I should have addressed it more directly. It's complicated when you're talking about a team and all the inner workings of a team. His voice faltered ever-so-slightly and he cleared his throat a couple times. In real time, it wasn’t that noticeable, and maybe it meant nothing. Or maybe Hinch knew he was building lie upon lie. Conclusion: in modern baseball, the "star" players and their guaranteed $$ not only run the show but are the cash cows and landmark investments for the owners and their collective stoolie the commissioner. Meanwhile, managers and administrators are typical, easy scapegoats to be fed to an uninformed public in some sort of morality play. I'm not excusing Hinch, but giving the players who are documented, proven, enthusiastic cheaters a free pass is a horrible message any way you slice it. unless you're this guy . .. . . .. meanwhile I'm preparing for my upcoming league in an attempt to separate my friends from their entry fees so i guess it's complicated.
  6. offseason smoke or fantasy fire? Reyes says he dropped 18 pounds while working out at the Tribe’s Dominican academy and training facility in San Antonio de Guerra. Francona sounds like he’s committed to finding out whether or not Reyes is a viable option defensively. "If he’s able to play the outfield on a fairly consistent basis, that opens us up to do some different things with our roster where you can move the DH around a little bit and keep guys off their feet but keep their bat in the lineup." Reyes said he went on a strict diet while cutting out sweets, which he “misses a lot.” Reyes, who clubbed 37 total home runs last year, said he was worried about losing some of his pop along with the weight, but when he returned to the cages in January, he was surprised at the way he was driving the ball. “I never hit it like that before,” he said. “I feel really powerful right now.” source:
  7. the good . . . . .. On 9/26/2019 at 7:05 AM, Sine_cera said: Single season franchise records broken by Devers this season: Most XBH by a Red Sox 3B (Devers 88, Beltre 79) Most HR by a Red Sox 3B (Devers 32, Hobson 30) Most 2B by a Red Sox 3B (Devers 52, Boggs 51) Most hits by a Red Sox player before turning 23 (Devers 196, Bogaerts 194) Most XBH by a Red Sox player before turning 23 (Devers 88, Ted Williams 86) He also leads the Majors in XBH and Total Bases, he’s second in Hits and Runs. the bad . .. . . from rotoballer . . . It probably isn't prudent to expect the bonus of the eight stolen bases that Devers wrangled last year, though, as he stole his last base on June 5 and only made five more attempts the remainder of the season - with his final attempt coming on August 13. the ugly? . .. . from . .. The departure of Alex Cora will hurt many of Boston’s players, but 22-year-old third baseman Rafael Devers will probably miss him more than anyone. Cora took a vested interest in developing Devers. “I spoke to him yesterday. He’s like a father figure to me, especially in baseball. I’m really sad that he’s not with us.” Will he live up to draft expectations?
  8. Here's the pattern I see in American sports cheating history: cheat to lose - banned for life. cheat to win - who cares. Are we supposed to believe that those meting out the punishments are moralistic or is it that the billionaires are completely intolerant of a style of subversion which psychologically paints them in a negative light? After all, we ask ourselves, how could a satisfied employee(s) even dream of contradicting that most fundamental of sporting virtues, playing to win? Or have we rationalized cheating to win as an integral part of our culture, and thus, a lesser crime?
  9. Interesting take, vthokie; so I had to dig a little deeper. Cousins MNF losses while playing with Minn both came on the road, vs. SEA. Only put up 7 pts. last year but did well this season. I'm not going to put much stock into his lack of success with WSH, since I think his supporting cast and coaching will buoy him in this matchup; also the home crowd and dome conditions. Market correction time? What has me wondering, looking at the Packs 5th overall vs. QB rating is: are they for real? Looking at their schedule they played some really bad passing offenses (Den, Car, Chix2, Det, NYG, Wsh , even getting KC when Mahomes was out. Prescott skewered them on the road in week 5, then Oakland and Chicago both passed for over 300 vs them. The Vikes ran roughshod over them last time, so you know they're going to be focusing on stopping the rush regardless. I am concerned with the nearly 3 sacks per game, but that may make Cousins get rid of the ball quicker. GB's been good limiting fantasy points to WR's this season, but not so good against TE's. The way I read that is: they give up the underneath stuff and middle of the field. According to the figures I looked up, Thielen has run 30% of his routes in the slot this year, Diggs 15%. This situation seems similar to the Lockett one: running team needing to incorporate the short passing game because of a lack of RB's. And in this case, the TE's may need to stay in to block a bit. tts42572, I tend to agree about the higher floor (if he's truly back to 100%). health risk lowers floor so tough call for sure.
  10. targets vs GB: 2016. 15, 5 2017 6,13 2018 9,13 2019 8, average of 8+ lots of different variables year to year for sure. I'll probably try to dig into it a little more this week, but at first glance it seems difficult to sit him since he appears healthy and running game is banged up. And personally, for better or worse, having a player going on Monday night is a factor. Going to have to sit Lockett, McLaurin, or Perrimen for him and most likely will. McLaurins talent and matchup are positive but targets are depressed. Lockett looked good - Wilson got him involved like he said he would. Will he keep going to him? More likely now with the unfortunate Gordon news, especially after the Penny injury. tough call.
  11. Brady's response to that was that he periodically destroys his devices because of information/pictures which he doesn't want getting out into the public domain. Credible enough on the surface for a celebrity of his stature, I guess. What was worse was the timing of his cell phone destruction: right after it was requested that he allow a third party to search his past texts for certain keywords. Woulda been smarter to just drop the thing in the toilet for the afternoon. My above post was in response to Threadkiller asking "why are there so many haters out there?". Several posts got deleted there.
  12. It's probably easier emotionally to choose a tribe and subjectively defend it rather than to enter the quagmire of hypocrisy which defines our culture. And somewhere along the line, sarcasm seems to have been adopted as a second language. Most Pat's fans believe the Pats are completely innocent, conveniently ignoring damning text exchanges like this: Deflator (9:05:45am): Tom going make that next ball a f***in balloon Jastremski (9:07:08am): Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done... Jastremski (9:07:37am): I told him it was. He was right though... Jastremski (9:08:07am): I checked some of the balls this morn... The refs ****** us...a few of then were at almost 16 Jastremski (9:08:29am): They didnt recheck then after they put air in them Deflator (9:16:31am): f--- tom ...16 is nothing...wait till next sunday Jastremski (9:16:52am): Omg! Spaz It would be difficult for an objective observer to ignore the above and explain away Deflategate simply as "disproven by science and cold weather." That's where the discrepancy is, and the reason for all the "hate." Of course, all the "haters" have their own personal bias' in life and thus it becomes a tit for tat thing.
  13. This type of thing was probably bound to happen with a corporation (Kraft Group) that is so obsessed with gathering information. Here's a link to an article about what the Kraft Analytics Group has been all about for the past 17 years. Obsessive might be an understatement. I live in Patriots country and hear what's being said all week on the radio. The bias is undeniable. Belichick is untouchable, and after what he's accomplished, probably rightfully so. I lived through the Grogan years. But it's tough to hear how "holier than thou" protective all the on-air personalites are of Kraft, especially the WEEI guys. That place must be owned by the man. And listening to Scott Zolak scream and moan over Bob Socci's quality play by play is like sitting next to the spitting-in-your-face, know-it-all drunk at the bar. Personally, logically, I think BB is too smart to risk this type of stuff; he hates distractions. And yet there's a little voice saying . .. . it is the Bengals, but the Pats need a win badly. Brady was sulking horribly at the post-game presser in Houston two weeks ago. Then this loss. There hasn't been this type of "two clicks past the Mekong Delta" doom and gloom around these parts since the Pats lost badly to the Chiefs week 4 of 2014 on a Monday night. According to every regional radio guy, it was OVER, Brady was done, sayonora. This is tough to admit, the outlook was so bad, Brady was dropped in my league, a fairly competitive 14 teamer. On RTsports there's only waivers at the beginning of the week, so he cleared 24 hours later and I loaded him in the queu and was going to pull the trigger, but decided to go with (gulp) Blake Bortles instead. A few minutes later he was scooped by a sane fan who lives in Texas and apparently wasn't so influenced by the local media schlocking. Overall, though, I think it's fair to point out that it's impossible for us to get information almost anywhere without corporate advertising bias. That's what's great about these forums; most people keep an open mind and don't have some kind of axe to grind. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson: "I love to be proven I'm wrong". It pains me to see these forums starting to read like the comments section over @Fox.
  14. targets vs. Wade Phillips' Rams D since 2017: 3,4 6,4 4 He's scored a touchdown against them his last three games. He's averaged about 5 targets a game over 40+ games in that span. His three big target games this season came against the Saints, Steelers, Bucs, ranked 3,4,5 vs. the run this season. Saints and Bucs have been bad vs. the pass, and he had his huge games against them. Steelers; he was contained for 79 yards on 12 targets against a decent pass defense. Also, 2 of those big target games came in the first 3 weeks of the season when there weren't as many options in the passing game. Rams rank 11th vs run this year, 15th vs. pass (ppr per game points against rankings). Carson has gone over 100 in the two games he's faced Rams this year and last: Seahawks will probably establish the run. Hard to expect more than 6 targets for Lockett this week. Historically, he has been efficient. Interestingly, LAR have had their worst games against the pass this year all at home: WK 4 (tampa) WK 8 (cin) WK 12 (bal). In the context of all this, prediction is probably along the lines of 3-4 catches, 40-60 yards, decent chance of a score = 13 ppr points. lots of risk when you can't expect huge volume.