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  1. @Damn Yankee I was taking to the guy below you. Read the ridiculous comment he made. But yeah, I agree with you, Straily vs. ANA > Colon @ NYY.
  2. What's wrong with Colon? He's been the model of consistency. Underrated.
  3. I agree, that makes no sense. Those managers lack some common sense. Powell is going to be a top waiver pick up this week in the RB pool. Just look at Ryan Williams' game log... he's had his chance and he blew it. 2 fumbles, 0 TDs, 2.8 YPG and an injury in his 2nd game as starter. The only thing that saves Williams is his contract and the GM ego. I'm not saying Powell is going to succeed but why would you drop him now?
  4. To all the non-believers: Relax. This guy is a end of the bench filler for us. A place holder until the next hot thing appears. And just maybe- maybe, due to an injury or a fumble or a breakout for a TD, he could get a chance. We play this game for fun, and nothing is more fun finding a hard working underdog who succeeds.
  5. In any case, its worth an add because Williams is a question mark. He has never carried the load in the NFL, he's coming off knee surgery and he has shown to be fumble prone.
  6. Nice work guys. I am buying. All we need is another Williams fumble or bad performance and Powell should earn some touches. Regardless Powell should get some touches this week to spell Williams.
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