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  1. Weird to say this but I'm in the same boat with Kluber...
  2. Dont forget CY Young candidate, Ryan Carpenter. K'd Trout twice already today.
  3. I'd be cautiously optimistic on him this year. He jumped like 3 levels to get to the majors. He had like 35 plate appearances at AA. He struck out pretty spectacularly in his first AB yesterday. I'd probably bench him this week and see what he looks like. Definitely a must add though and I'm upset I didnt pick him up as soon as Kendrick went down and FP said they should call him up. The thought flitted across my mind but I held Vlad instead. Edit: Fat fingers.
  4. They literally ran his minro league stats the game before his call up with FP saying they should call him up now. I'm sure most somewhat dedicated fan knew his name and how he was doing in the minors this season.
  5. JHe only needs 9 more with 3/4th of the season left. Care to place a wager on 20+?
  6. Yeah, hes going to be a high babip guy. Line drives + speed = high babip.
  7. Apparently the strike zone in this Nats game is anything above the hitters shoes.
  8. Crap, I was hoping Roark was done. Hope he doesnt lose the QS.