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  1. How many weeks until he faces Dallas?
  2. Glad I have JK. But the dude needs to not fumble once a week
  3. Impressive September for sure. Kind of came out of nowhere. Traditional thought would be there would be a book on him come next April.
  4. 3rd and goal from the 2. You could give it to Sanders for 2 cracks or put it in the hands of Wentz. Result: Wentz sacked. FG team on
  5. Matty Fatty -- sweet. On that note, Hammerin Hank referred to Big Ben as "Fat Face'' on CBS HQ on Sundee
  6. Ben's arm looks ragged. Lots of short stuff. No zip
  7. Absolutely under-utilized and wrongly coached. 2 targets? The same as Clement? Really?
  8. Enters the 4th inning with a 5-0 lead, serves up a hanging slider for a 3-run bomb then leaves with the trainer. No words
  9. It's all about the SBs. That's the tiebreaker for the most part. Who can you count on to run nowadays?
  10. Plesac might also be going. Indians players don't want him around
  11. Who would replace Workman in Boston?
  12. Very disappointing. He spent 20 pitches just on Rengifo over two at-bats
  13. He ran first to third on a hit last night and it's sayonara
  14. I watched this outing. Ted Barrett squeezed him all night so he was behind in the count a lot. Having Maldonado catching is a huge plus. Sitting him at Colorado though