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  1. break out game coming today, after last night's PH double.
  2. yesterday was terrible.. K after K after K
  3. I feel like if it was health, in today's day and age, they would have kept him on roster. Seems like an easy add for the cubs or white sox, as he is a illinois boy.
  4. yahoo's twitter is usually pretty great answering any questions in a timely fashion.
  5. I said it earlier this year, so i'll it going. Buxton > Kepler this season Jurikson Profar will be relevant this season, top 12 2b
  6. reading all of the twitter news, it would seem Rondon would be the odd man out...
  7. An interesting debate here, especially now with Lux being sent down. Fletcher had some early spring training 1.0 hype and being able to play a plethora of positions in most venues is very tempting. But with us now seeing the Dodgers pressing pause on the Lux button there is a clear path for Taylor to see everyday AB, and much like Fletcher he can also play a number of positions. I don't know where I currently lean ATM, my head is telling me Fletcher could in fact lead off for LAA which would move him in the lead here slightly. What does the group think??
  8. Both look like monsters as of right now, so who knows.