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  1. Favorite pitcher all time, I wrote #34 on the bricks at his memorial at CBP. The phillies took the brick and saved it.
  2. Franmil Reyes has crunched the ball in Cactus League play, slashing .337/.370/.779 with five homers and 11 RBI in 10 games.Advice: He leads all of spring training with those five bombs, although he is tied with three other players -- Orlando Arcia, Ryan O'Hearn and Dodgers prospect Cody Thomas. Of those four players, Reyes is by far the most likely to carry that level of power-hitting prowess into the regular season. The 24-year-old designated hitter bashed 37 dingers last year while playing for the Padres and Indians. Unlike many oversized sluggers, Reyes isn't a drain in the batting average category -- he has a career .260 AVG, which is better than last year's .252 league average. He is a four-category player only and has yet to even attempt a stolen base in his career. Saturday, 10:02 am if you don't think he is going to have a monster year, just hand your money to the other players right now.
  3. so this post makes no sense..... his BA is above league average. keep up this attitude and the loser bracket is what you will be competing in.
  4. is baseball going to be effected? I feel as if it is only non-open air type venues that will be closed to the public?
  5. my exact thoughts, if you are still on the Buxton train (believe me its been hard times) this may be the year when he slips down the draft boards and we really get to see some draft value on selecting him. Maybe, jussssstttttt maybe we will finally be rewarded.
  6. Who plays shallow leagues? 12-15 team min for fantasy baseball purposes. Arraez could win the batting title and is a tremendous boost for BA in leagues.
  7. How can you not be intrigued, everything he has said leads me to believe he is in full control of his body and the workload he is ready to endure.
  8. Anyone involved with The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational this year? If so, how do you like your team? Do you know any of the other teams in your league? I drew league #1 and drafted out of the 7th spot out of 15 teams. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but i think it could be a great thread all season long.
  9. beyond excited for Anthony this year, buy buy buy!!!!!
  10. i mean he played 11 games in may, and 5 in june so far............
  11. k to walk rate is very appealing, considering he used to be dreadful in that aspect.
  12. When are these teams going to put their players on the IL ??????? LIKE COME ON ALREADY!
  13. he is like the best guy in the clubhouse.
  14. I love Ian. Every year, doesn't matter. I love the guy and will take 20+/20+ Also I know im alone in this, just let it go.