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  1. I echo what the guy above me says with less confidence. I Think it is a close edge for Mixon. He has a better chance of catching passes and both teams will likely be in that mode at the end.
  2. Thanks! I went in leaning Mahomes, Slayton, Ekeler. I can see NE being able to shut that poor offensive line down and shutting down Mixon. I also think Cinci will be down early and be forced to run less in the 2nd half pretty quickly. My hope is LA falls behind and Ekeler is thrown to a bunch, which is the way I see that game going. I can see Slayton over Parker, but I trust Fitz over Manning and with NY losing their top cb their secondaries are about equal. I can see that game being a bit of a shootout.
  3. Fitz and Ryan. SF has some key injuries on the defense right now.
  4. I concur with this person except Buffalo. I would go with KC. I would in addition to adding Fitz and Brown start them at QB and flex. Indy will be playing from behind and throwing. NO is stout against the run so I think this is a Hines games for Indy.
  5. I have to decide between Mahomes at Den or Fitz at Giants. Mahomes has not lived up to expectations and Denver has one of the toughest secondaries. I can pickup Fitzmagic and play him if I were so inclined. Janoris Jenkins was by far the best CB on the Giants and he just got cut. If Devante Parker plays should I play Fitz or am I crazy for thinking such nonsense. He's been outscoring Mahomes some lately and these matchups are on the far end of the spectrum from each other. Also in the same league which is Non PPR I have to decide between Slayton, Hilton, Beasley, or Miller if D Parker does not play for my #2 wr? Finally who to play in flex between ekeler, Mixon, or Slayton? Will help in return. A good amount of dough is on the line.
  6. Also I forgot I have Latavius Murray who hasn't done anything, but could be huge with a Kamara injury. Should I drop him?
  7. I know. I thought about desean, but I think he'll be back next week and he looked scary good with Wentz in the one week they played together. I think I do have to grab him though. Tough decision on the drop. I'll investigate Jackson's health some more. Thanks.
  8. This is a non ppr league. Landry has only had one good game so far, but he is getting a nice amount of targets. I think he will have a decent fantasy year with OBJ getting a lot of attention from defenses I already have Hilton, Cupp, Samuel, Tyrell Williams, and Desean Jackson at wr. My candidate to drop Jamal Williams. I have Jones and he's the only handcuff available for my rbs. I know he's hurt, but I'm in first place in the league and am worried more later season at this point. I feel like Landry is a luxury, but I hate seeing him sit out there and would like to keep him away from another team. Ideally I'd like to trade a wr ina package after the addition for a rb upgrade maybe. WOuld you make the add or do I have the wr depth and just hang onto Williams in case of a Jones injury. I have Ekeler that will be providing less for me so losing Jones would be a hard hit. My other rbs are Mixon and Jacobs. Start two wr. two rbs, and a flex 12 team.
  9. I would do Goff, Jones, and Boyd. The others both look fine too.
  10. Texas, but NY has no wrs healthy. Buffalo I think has the better D, but Hou going against a rookie that will be playing from behind should create turnovers.
  11. I would only do it if you think you can trade Waller again for some value. Which with bye weeks coming up after you use him you could maybe find a trade partner. I would think about packaging someone like Samuel with Montgomery or Sanders for a RB upgrade to benefit your team more beyond just one week. I am concerned that neither Pederson nor Nagy are all about big rb workloads and like to spread the work out. I think production will be hard to guess week to week and you could get rid of that headache while getting more consistent production. Help with mine?
  12. Non ppr league. Jones I think will be sold this year, but it might take a couple of games. Minnesota has a stout run defense and it looks to be a low scoring game. I am leaning Williams because I can't imagine the Raiders not needing to throw a lot in the second half and KC's corners are not good. Thoughts?