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  1. Who scores me more points ROS? Mr. Big Chest or Mr. Big Slant?
  2. Yeah that situation totally makes sense. He makes total sense as a streamer, you can't ask for much more with the matchup.
  3. If you aren't gonna start him this week why are you even holding him? Its a perfect matchup so I def could see starting him. He was my backup for Dak but I don't trust him at this point. I traded for another QB and cut bait.
  4. Traded DJ Moore for Herbert (I lost Dak). PPR, 6 point passing TD league
  5. PPR and 6 points for a passing TD. Would this be too much? I lost Dak and need QB production. Going to lose this week because of lack of it My current QBs: Stafford and Dalton My current WR: Thomas, Parker, Moore, Claypool, Higgins. I think he’d also do Tee or Claypool but I think I like them more going forward. Also could try to target one of Brady/Tannehill from an owner who has both. Thoughts?
  6. Any news on him? Perhaps coming back this week? Guy who has him is stacked at TE and am thinking about making a push but don’t want to buy damaged goods.
  7. Chargers have a bye next week I believe with the schedule change so that’s the easy drop.
  8. I wouldn’t do that. Watson hasn’t been top tier this year. I’d keep Robinson and go WW/Stream at QB
  9. RIP Dak. I have Stafford and am looking at the options above to pair him with. Thoughts on these 3. Note that my league gives 6 points for a passing TD
  10. [...] I’m not convinced this Tenn/Buff game is happening so those guys are out too. Gonna have to sit him at this point. Annoying haha
  11. This is tough, but I think I would go with Gage here.
  12. I would hold. McKinnon will still have value when Mostert returns and Gordon will lose some with Lindsey returns so I think it’s a wash. Deebo provides nice WR depth you could use.