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  1. This is fantastic. Also GB is the worst 13-3 team ever
  2. For fantasy and regular season yes. But that’s a massive letdown after his performance last last year in the playoffs. Playoffs are where it really counts and he’s been terrible so far
  3. Anyone could see Baltimore Wasn’t built to play from behind. Hate to see it
  4. Dallas having that record in that awful division with the amount of talent they have is unbelievable. Jerry should pull an Al Davis and tell Garrett not to get on the flight home.
  5. I think you are fine dropping either of Watkins or Cooks
  6. Lol rich to see Seattle fans bitching about calls. They’ve only been holding WR for a decade
  7. Been playing baseball and football for as long as I can remember. Took my maiden voyage into basketball this season. Got Steph in the 1st and Ayton in the 3rd. May consider retirement hah At least I got Jrue in the 2nd
  8. I think I’d stay put as well. Bell behind that line isn’t gonna be any better than Carson and Adams turf toe may linger.
  9. Torn between these two. I feel like even with the terrible matchup that Kirk will still get a lot of short targets. Williams on the other hand is TD dependent, but they have been there. I think McLauren without Keenum is not an option right now
  10. You are in a tough spot needing a W but not having Kamara. Having said that I don't think that is enough coming back your way personally.
  11. I am thinking Ridley is going to be one of the starts but going back and forth on the others. I have been watching the Niners pulverize the passing game, which makes me a little hesitant on McLauren even though he has been my most consistent WR. I am going double TE flex with Engram and Andrews, don't think all 3 of the WRs are worth starting at the expense of Andrews.
  12. 3rd in my league in points and sitting at 1-5. But at least I got my first win this week!