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  1. The "reason" was that Denver had only one cornerback in the game due to injury and an ejection. The decision by the Browns to go no huddle with their spread lineup was a good one, and was rewarded with a touchdown.
  2. The Rays are facing LHPs on Saturday and Sunday - there's a good chance Meadows will start both games.
  3. Thanks for the assist. Sending this one out to our friend upthread.
  4. No, it would have been 0 ER had that been scored as an error. The way MLB scoring works, any runs that occurred after the "would be" third out are unearned.
  5. Didn't see the inning - are you referring to the infield single?
  6. Glover or Justin Miller as the Madson alternate?
  7. I wasn't watching yesterday's White Sox game, but they took the lead in the bottom of the 8th, then accumulated a four run lead so it was no longer a save situation. I presume that Fry got loose while that inning was happening and then he pitched the 9th. Even though it was not a save situation, my educated guess is he also would have been brought in had it just been a 3 run lead.
  8. Anyone know when Yarbrough is next expected to pitch?
  9. Haha, touche. I would go back and edit it, but I don't want to deprive others of your punchline. : )
  10. I am also cautiously optimistic that the Puig return is what will trigger Muncy to 2B. Same logic as you lay out. Machado at 3B, Taylor at 2B, Bellinger at 1B. Pederson, Puig, and Kike in the OF (against RHP). His sitting at 9 games at 2B has been torture.
  11. He's actually been better vs. LHP than vs. RHP so far this year (small sample I know, but 1.100+ OPS packs a punch no matter how few ABs). I have to think he's going to start about 6 out of every 7 games at least. vs. LHP LAD - 57 12 19 2 0 6 10 13 2 13 1 0 .333 .457 .684 1.141 vs RHP LAD - 168 32 42 7 0 16 31 39 3 52 1 0 .250 .392 .577 .970
  12. He's at 7, so it will take 3 more.
  13. Can anyone confirm if Yarbrough is starting or in long man duty tomorrow night @ MIA?