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  1. we have a 300 league tonight half filled

    want to merge leagues

    can you email the one you started on espn

  2. Here's a snake draft going for midnight EDT tonight:


    Be sure to check the roster/scoring, as it's unique. Draft shouldn't take very long though – small rosters.

    1. Lt. Frank Drebin

      Lt. Frank Drebin

      How much and do you think it will fill in time?

    2. fhiter27


      $20 buy-in through LeagueSafe. I'm hoping so! I did one on Friday that several people joined last-minute. Going for 6-10 teams. (Wouldn't want too many, as WR's will be running deep with these settings anyway.) If you join, others may follow suit. You can always drop out if we don't get enough.

  3. How do I get involved?