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  1. Buy low while you still can. I think he will be a top 7 RB ROS. In Darnold we trust, and schedule is much easier after the Patriots next week.
  2. Jacobs has 11,4,9 pts in his past 3 weeks in my .5 ppr league. And now he faces the best defense in football. Don't think it's that much of a stretch to start Jones over him. It's almost a toss up at this point between the two and I liked Jones' ceiling better this week
  3. Yes starting him over Jacobs. No reason he shouldn't get around 20 touches today
  4. This guy has a 0.97 ERA after the All-Star Break. That is insane. The best pitcher in baseball as of this moment.
  5. WOW no love for Semien. What a tremendous season for someone you could draft in the last couple rounds of drafts. Always loved this guys potential and now it looks like he is finally living up to it. Interested to see where he will be going in drafts next year
  6. Coming into this thread I expected to read a lot of people touting Metcalf as a sleeper, instead I find a bunch of debbie downers in here. One of the most physically gifted WR's to come out of college football in years paired up with an Elite level QB like Wilson and no one is giving him a shot. I am baffled at all the nay-saying going on. He appears to be the #2 behind Lockett and will definitely be given a shot to see if he can perform as one of Wilson's main targets. I myself am excited to have Metcalf in the late rounds!
  7. Seems like a well thought out strategy. Guess Barkley isn't the #1 RB simply because he's on a "bad team."
  8. So you're thinking around 8th-9th RB off the board?
  9. I feel like he's more of a Starling Marte
  10. i would assume so. Probably the Indians 2nd best hitter behind Lindor at the moment. And with Lindor locked in at leadoff, Mercado has all the speed and hit tool you'd want in a #2 hitter.
  11. Anyone benching in weekly leagues this week @MIL?
  12. Daniel Murphy is still good enough not to be a platoon player. Rox just have too many good players, and Mcmahon has been playing well. It makes total sense that they are benching Rodgers as much as they are. All this Rockies hate on the coach/management doesn't seem justified.
  13. Considering the Tigers don't play tonight, I'd say he doesn't go 4-4
  14. I think you are under-selling him. He's a late 2nd round pick at worst if he comes anywhere close to keeping this pace up. He's putting up 1st round numbers right now and all signs point to his breakout being beyond legitimate.
  15. One of the most under appreciated players in the MLB. He hit 30 HR's last year and the Rays dropped him? I have been drafting this guys every year all the way back to his Angel days. Now that he is finally getting full-time at bats he is showing his true potential. This guy has major power, and is beginning to look like a complete hitter on top of that.