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  1. Yup, changed my team name, this is Shake Milton’s team now!
  2. Might change my team name to either Shake Shack or Shake N’ Bake. Such an awesome name!
  3. If he gets a starter spot somewhere at the beginning of the season I’m drafting him.
  4. He hasn’t practiced with the team yet... next week after a few practices is where it gets fun.
  5. I can’t believe they are allowed to be so blatant about it. The entire league is going to trash with all of this resting and limiting of players. Going to stop bothering with fantasy next year if the league doesn’t fix it. Makes it too frustrating to bother with. Going to stop watching as well, why bother when teams don’t play their stars or limit their minutes?
  6. true, while dropping both FG and FT categories, question being how bad. We thought he fixed his form in off season but the stats are showing he hasn’t fixed anything and is shooting the same as before. I’m staying away along with the massive injury randomness. He was a drop for me. Will see if I regret it. Also, he isn’t a starter any more and unless something dramatic changes with the team he won’t be starting. Looking at 25 MPG on average from him, which is still good but limits his upside.
  7. Unless they start losing I doubt the lineup will change until Zion comes back. That’s the only factor I could see in having the lineup change since the team looks so much better right now with what they’re doing.
  8. Depends if you have a stream spot. He’s going to be a headache to own based on coach language about limiting his minutes, lack of involvement with ball hogs on the team, foul trouble and rookie blues. He could end up sorting a lot of it out by playoffs time but it’s going to be a headache until then.
  9. I am liking Monk as a stream with possibility of long term value. His 32mpg in college were getting 0.8 steals and 0.5 blocks. If he can get to even 0.7 and 0.4 I would be really happy, cause he contributes solid Ast/Reb on good percentages in general with low TO’s. Has the potential to be a great player this year if he really steps up his game. I’ve heard he isn’t taking as many sketchy 2’s, moving to the paint or just shooting 3’s recently. I think that will make him a lot more consistent offensively. Just need to see those defensive numbers and we are good to go. Great 4 game week to see what he can do and re-evaluate him at the end of it.
  10. He has had a number of seasons looking back where he starts off slow (first 15 or so games) and then picks things up. I’d wait and see what he does in December. I’m thinking he will get in to his groove around early December time period based on past seasons.
  11. A lot of teams with punt builds would rank him high. He has a lot of trade value even if that’s not your build to get a top 30 player in return, if it gets reported he’s returning. Worth the stash in IL for that alone.
  12. Another thing people don’t consider on his value for games played is he hasn’t registered a block yet, which is a strong part of his value. One game with a few blocks will change that and swing him back to normal. This has got to be one of the best setups for a buy low on a player that I’ve seen. He’s going to get in to his groove shortly and has the potential for a higher than normal usage season, as a focal point for the team. I’m excited to watch what he will do!
  13. He’s returning 7th overall value in 9 cat WITH load management and having his minutes monitored. If anything he has less risk than others of injury because of it. Unless you are getting a top 6 player in a multi player deal and are already stacking games for the playoffs, I don’t know why you would trade him. His monitoring/load management is already built in to that top 7 value.