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  1. This bucks offense is very interesting and I think Middleton is in for a good year. I envision him being like Ariza of the past, elite 3s and steals but with better play making skills. Ariza has been a good 4th round pickup in the past and I think if you can get Middleton there, there's value. He's only 26, entering his prime and the Bucks' season has a great outlook, so the only thing I would worry about is injury.
  2. You shouldn't analyze the schedule and limit it's use-case for the playoffs. It’s about using the schedule in a way to best help your team win. Doesn’t matter if you have 4/4/4 playoff schedule with all your players if you don’t even get there in the first place. Using the schedule, you can maximize the number of games your team plays per week based on waiver pickups and this isn’t limited to playoffs. You should never forgo drafting / picking up someone with upside for the sake of picking up someone with a good playoff schedule; this is especially true in the later rounds of a draft, because chances are, those guys are going to be dumped onto the waiver wire at some point in the season anyways. Might as well spend the pick on someone you think will have a chance to achieve much better than their ADP. TL;DR Analyze the schedule to help you win on a week to week basis, don’t limit yourself to only using it during playoffs
  3. Quite surprised with the Derozan pick in the third round, considering he's ever been ranked that high over an entire season. According to BBM, his best was 46th Where do you see their value coming from? I don't see how he can contribute more fantasy-wise. He's already elite in points and FT%, but doesn't contribute much else. With Toronto bringing back the same core and system, which of his fantasy stats get better? It seems like better points / FT% options were available at that pick (CJ, Klay, Hayward)
  4. Kevin Durant - King of Fantasy when healthy James Harden - More efficient version of Russell Westbrook, willing to take a slight hit in counting stats to make the group in percentages Russell Westbrook - Great counting stats but forces you to punt FG% right away Giannis Antetokounmpo - Kevin Durant with limited 3s Stephen Curry - Elite percentages and 3s without hurting you anywhere Kawhi Leonard - Would be top 3 but Coach Pop factor comes into play in H2H Anthony Davis - Showed that he can play pretty much a whole season last year, elite stocks Karl Anthony-Towns - With Jimmy Butler in town, points might go down but doesn't hurt overall value. Lacks stocks relative to Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis Lebron James - Lebron James John Wall - As consistent as they come, shores up your points and assists for you at the late first round. The uptick in 3s are nice too DeMarcus Cousins - In a 17 game sample, showed that he can contribute stats playing alongside Anthony Davis Chris Paul - Injuries and state of LAC is a concern. Otherwise, would be ahead of Lebron James Draymond Green - All around contributor with elite stocks, great second round player to pair with pretty much anyone Jimmy Butler - Will be the number 1 option in Minnesota, don't see much of a dip other than points Rudy Gobert - Elite shot blocking big, Utah's future. With or without Hayward, he'll be a big fantasy contributor Kyle Lowry - Poor playoff performance but is a regular season stud. Can't expect the same FG%, but counting stats should be similar Damian Lillard - High volume, below average FG% and no steals is dragging an otherwise elite 3 point scorer Hassan Whiteside - He's Rudy Gobert with less blocks Isaiah Thomas - Boston's looking to sign a FA with that cap space so I can see his volume decreasing, which is what made up most of his value last season. Lack of steals don't help either Paul George - Lots of question marks around where he will play. If moved, he's likely not going to have as much usage as in Indiana
  5. What do you give up in keeping him on your roster? Are there good alternatives with upside in the draft?