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  1. Here's to hoping Buffalo beats up Miami's D today so Hunt can deliver us the 'ship!
  2. When in doubt, I always play the back at home. While sure his injuries are a concern, so is Philly's whole offense with a new QB, as well as NE's RB carousel in general. He's the most reliable back to get consistent touches for 4 quarters.
  3. I don't know how I feel about him necessarily, but Wentz is amazing. As long as he's in the mix with Jeffrey and ertz near the top of the target pole, I think he's definitely WR3 legitimate in either format. /satisfied OBJ owner
  4. Lol. I'm hoping my fellow owners only look at the first 5 weeks of the 2017 season while projecting for the next 11. How many of those guys on your waiver wire were Biletnikoff winners in college and had 1,000 yard seasons their first two seasons and are only in game 5 of their 3rd season? Happy low buying fellow traders!!
  5. I'm 4-1, OBJ owner. I'm offering Martavis Bryant and Delanie Walker for him (I have Brate, he has garbage). I think this is a fair trade. He still has better ROS value than what's on the wire. And his week 15/16 matchups are pretty solid. You have to assume/hope that once Carr comes back, they'll try to get Cooper going. With Crabtree doing so well, it'll only continue to soften the coverage on Cooper. He has certainly been garbage this year, but depending on your situation, he's worth a gamble ROS. Especially when your WR1 goes down. I need a chance at 10+ points from that position, not Marvin Jones ?
  6. He's definitely a risk, but at least he's shown ability this season. For instance, my other option is Joe Mixon who hasn't done a thing. Impossible to know what difference Trubisky will make, but he's still a guy who can explode for long plays, regardless of QB. All I want and expect is 10 points in .5PPR.
  7. Because that's an easy question to answer? Asking what the upside is for a rookie WR in an offense with a new QB? If we knew those kinds of questions, there wouldn't be the thousands of posts of speculation on this message board.. you came across as a guy who's never even heard of him, but now that you have him, you want people to bless you with all sorts of quality information when this thread is already dedicated to that very question. What else do you think we are doing here? He's in a good situation, with an established elite WR on the other side of the field drawing attention. The two main questions are a) just how effective of a receiver will he be in the NFL (as the case for most rookies), and b ) what will Osweiler's pass distribution look like? Will he lock on to Hopkins and lean on his primary receiver, which is possible since he is not a very experienced QB, or will he utilize Hopkins' presence and be able to find openings all over the field, which could mean 60+ catches for the WR2. I see Fuller as a big YPC receiver that won't get an incredible amount of targets. My gut prediction is that he'll be a 4/60 type of guy.
  8. 7BB in two innings last night. Still a work in progress.