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  1. I'm actually 3-2 due to some fortunate schedule luck, so I should be right in the thick of the playoff hunt if CMC comes back soon.
  2. I can either go w the great matchup and Danny dimes, or the relatively consistent production from Fitzmagic.
  3. Thread title. Preston has a better qb throwing to him, but Mike has a better matchup, on paper at least.
  4. Roster is in sig. 12 team PPR Keeper league. I traded Ekeler and a 2021 1st round rookie pick, and a 2022 2nd round rookie pick. I receive Kelce and a 2022 2nd round rookie pick, which can become a 1st, if this owner makes the championship in 2021. I feel like this is the piece that will put me over the hump and make me unstoppable.
  5. Do you have anyone else you can drop? Njoku just went out with an injury for the Browns, so I'd imagine that Hooper will see an uptick in his usage.
  6. 12 team PPR, roster in sig. My team is uber loaded at RB due to a combination of good auction bids and trades I've made over the last couple years. My WR group is pretty good too, but I'm trying to make my team into an unbeatable juggernaut, so I'm thinking of offloading some talent to try pick up Michael Thomas. This isn't a standard keeper league though. Each player has a salary that is dependent on how many years they've been kept, and what they were drafted at. That's where you guys come in. I've been debating offering a trade for Michael Thomas, but I'm not sure if it will work out, salary cap wise. Michael Thomas can be kept next year for 70 dollars (of a 230 dollar budget). Or I can franchise him for 58, but I'd have to cut him after the 2021 season, if I were to successfully trade for him. I was thinking of offering Ekeler (Can be kept for 22, or 10 if franchised), DJ Moore (23, or 11 if franchised), and a 2nd round rookie pick. 1st, would Ekeler and DJ Moore be enough to get Thomas? 2nd, if it is enough, does it even make sense, given the salary cap constraints it would put on me? 3rd, Is it too risky to trade for Thomas now, given that he has an ankle injury?
  7. I'm in a 12 team full point PPR keeper league, where I am the defending champion. Due to a trade I made in 2018, I received a 1st round rookie pick, which ended up being the #2 pick. I used this pick last night on Jonathan Taylor, which I'm now kinda starting to regret. My RB corps is as follows: CMC (can keep for 2 more years) Saquon (this is the last year I can have him) Miles Sanders Ekeler Jonathan Taylor. So I'm super loaded at RB, but my WR depth is really lacking. I have Golladay and DJ Moore as my starters, but my bench depth is Mike Williams, Van Jefferson, and Antonio Brown, assuming he ever plays again. Whats the play here? Do I try to trade Taylor for a WR straight up? Package him with someone else for an elite WR?
  8. Gross. What kind of league has the playoffs extend through week 17? I could see it being week 15 and 16 for the championship, but week 17 is the week that a lot of star players sit on the bench.
  9. If you managed to snag a bye, Kenyan Drake was probably the most valuable person in the playoffs as he outscored Thomas in the semis and the championship rounds. But I see your point. Thomas did come through huge throughout the fantasy playoffs.
  10. Picked up Fitzmagic off waivers, benched Rodgers. That has worked out. Grabbed Perriman and played him over Golladay. Didn't necessarily work out 100%, but didn't hurt me either. Having CMC and Barkley on my team won me the chip though. Came through huge at the right time.
  11. Hats off to anyone that stuck with Fitz today. 4 TD's and 300+ yards. Couldn't ask for much in the fantasy championship. Congrats to all Fitz owners today.
  12. Well with Aaron Jones, youre either getting 30 points, or 5 it seems like. The Vikings are also 8th best against opposing RB's on the season. That said, Aaron Jones scored 25 against them in week 2.
  13. Little late on this since Hibgee is already playing, but I'm rolling with Hollister in my league over Hunter Henry. It's tough to bench Henry, but the Cardinals have 0 interest in covering the TE position, so he has a real shot at 2 TD's tomorrow.
  14. The matchup on paper looks great, as the Bengals have been torched by QB's for most of the season. However, for the past 4 weeks, they've been a bit better. Granted, that was against Tom Brady, Sam D'arnold, Duck Hodges, and Baker Mayfield. Is there any reason NOT to start Fitzmagic in the championship tomorrow? I also have Aaron Rodgers, but he's been really iffy lately, and has a relatively tough matchup with the Vikes.
  15. I've been riding Ekeler all season, but I feel like Sanders couid have a big game against the Cowboys that are beat up on defense. Which direction should I go?
  16. This will either be the best decision I make all year, or the worst. Pray for me guys.
  17. He's been below average for much of the year. Since week 9 he's only scored 20+ one time, and has scored below 13 pts 4 of the last 5 weeks. I have Ryan Fitzpatrick on the bench, and I'm trying to get Drew Lock as well for keeper purposes. At this point I feel like Rodgers is more of a risk than both Lock and Fitzmagic, which sounds crazy, but the stats don't lie. Thoughts?
  18. I'd roll with Henry. Gonna be a shootout in Mexico City, and Henry has been very consistent since coming back from injury.
  19. I've had Ekeler in at my RB2 slot all week, but seeing that Jordan Howard is out, and Ajayi was just signed, all signs are pointing towards Sanders getting the vast majority of the carries. Should I roll with Sanders vs the Pats defense? Or stick with Ekeler vs a suspect KC defense?
  20. PPR. I'm benching Golladay today due to no Stafford, and him going up against the Bears. Kirk has the better matchup as TB allows the most pts to opposing WRs, but Moore has a pretty good matchup too. Who ya got?
  21. I didn't, but the guy that I traded with has been trying to trade him for weeks, and he's been asking for 2 players and a 1st round, or a top guy and two picks. So I finally got him for Carson and 2 picks.
  22. 12 team ppr keeper league. Roster in sig. My team is loaded, and just got even more loaded, but I had to give up some talent and future picks to make this trade happen. I receive Saquon Barkley Other owner receives Chris Carson, and my 1st and 2nd round rookie picks (which will be around 12 and 24). There is a small chance I keep Saquon next year, but it may be cost prohibitive since he will cost 66 dollars out of our 220 dollar budget. But overall, I think this trade helps both teams. Saquon owner was 3-5 and will likely miss the playoffs, so he gets a cheap keeper in Carson, and some draft capital, and I get to make a solid run at a championship.