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  1. If it’s a really bad trade offer I will respond with a worse trade offer or just leave it there. If they’re new and the trade offer is bad, then I would decline it.
  2. Not me, but someone in my league is the highest scoring team but has only won one game so far this season. She hasn’t been hit with the injury bug or made the wrong start sit decisions. Every team just goes off against hers.
  3. Just traded dj Moore and in another league I just traded for obj
  4. I’ve been able to move him to my ir spot in espn leagues
  5. id drop the colts defense. you won't play them next week as well as the tb has the giants and the colts has the ravens next week.
  6. Started obj, gesicki, mattison, stafford and indy defense
  7. Down by 3, I have ceh and drake vs diggs Up by 68 vs Allen, singletary, drake and gonzalez Down by 42 and I have allen, zeke, and hill
  8. if you believe julio will be healthy, id take it. healthy julio will win your league.
  9. no, id like to see bell's role in kc before trading him. what are you options for starters? also if the trade gets accepted today, will it process before the gams start?