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  1. Not for me but someone in my league drafted david Johnson, obj, Antonio Brown and oj Howard. That was his 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th round picks. He still made the playoffs but man that was a horrible first half of the draft.
  2. Jones, he had a great game in their week 2 matchup
  3. I haven’t heard any thing but I really don’t see him playing
  4. Tannehill and Aj brown stack. Picked them up for their playoff schedule and it has rewarded me with a championship in a league I have never won in.
  5. I hope next season, Chicago doesn’t get any prime time games. I hate having to watch them
  6. Boone to hold a 31 point lead against miller adams to get 66 points Kelce and boone to score less than 2 points total Jones to hold 20 point lead against rudolph Boone to hold 20 point lead against hill and jones I think I can win them all
  7. Losing to a team that started Derrick Henry. Went up against barkley, Andrews, tannehill and boyd