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  1. I would probably drop Lauer because you might find one to stream with same stats.
  2. I trade Lindor I get JD. I have turner also to play SS.
  3. I give Lindor I get Kershaw and Andrus Do it? Thanks WHIR if needed
  4. I have 3 SS's Lindor, Turner and Swanson. Would you trade Lindor or Turner for Sale? Thanks WHIR if you need me to
  5. Should I trade Ryan ( I have Brees also) for Gronk?
  6. I have my draft tonight in my H2H league. I have the 6th pick. I think I'm gonna try something different this year. I am going to take top SP's in first 3 or 4 rounds. I think I can get bats later. In H2H I think good pitching is more important.Going for pitching and sb's and runs What do you guys think?