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  1. We have 11 paid at LeagueSafe. Somebody has to be locked down at home and can use the distraction of fun draft.
  2. 1st Place - $200 2nd Place - $100 Draft is this Sunday at 7:00 pm eastern. (Redraft league) League Settings: If interested, email
  3. Turner - I will agree with you on liking the talent joining Trout. I really like Rendon on that team. Damn tough choice, I agree can’t go wrong though.
  4. Thanks, I think Acuna is going to be who I take. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. H2H - 5 x 5 (Avg, not OBP) I really don’t know who I’m taking. My head is saying Yelich, but Acuna seems intriguing and also thinking how do you not take Trout. Our slow draft starts tomorrow morning.
  6. Sorry, just now saw your reply. Just been checking my email account. We just need one more team. JUST NEED ONE TEAM. We will keep the posted draft date and time and just wait for MLB to resume operations.