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  1. They could go for it on 4th. You are looking at the FG part. If they hurried up their tempo and ran their plays, instead of acting like this was their first of two chances to score, they could have easily had another minute on the clock and an additional 2 plays to give up. Teams are too casual with the oh well, get the stop with our 3 TO after the two minute warning rather then managing before it gets to that point. They fail to buy themselves time for later in the game when they need it.
  2. What a lack of creativity from the Eagles. Same slow start they have had all year. Just accepted their fate and seemed content losing to a better team.
  3. Great clock management there Philly. Start this series with 3:56 on clock. Get 3 yards on 3 downs. Burn half that time. Now going to go for it on 4th and long. You do it right, and you other kick before the 2 minute around the 2:15 mark, have 3 TO plus 2 minute warning, and go for the stop. Or, you get this crap over earlier and go for it with around 2:46 on clock and have roughly 5 timeouts. Instead, drain the clock, and leave yourself in an awkward position with no margin for error.
  4. Time to throw Greg Ward in at QB. Start running some real read option. Get the Seahawks D on their heels instead of teeing of on the QB. Might just surprise them enough to get back in the game. He can throw as well. Might be a bit rusty since playing at Houston.
  5. Pretty clear arm extension to get the space. Feel bad for DB. Nothing he can do. PI puts them on 1 with fresh set of downs, and size mismatch.
  6. Hill is apparently Bo Jackson, Drew Brees, and Jerry Rice rolled into one player today.
  7. Bizarre goalline series. I'd rather sneak with Brady 3 times. Those were calls I'd expect out of the Titans and expect Henry to do the rest.
  8. No delay of game there was brutal. Clearly 00.
  9. Dude, what are you talking about? You can't teach size. As for your idea of former NBA players, wait for them to get their knees blown out by some DB. A lot of those guys don't know how to fall because they've never been knocked down. Bring him in for a RZ chuck to the corner maybe, but outside that, those guys play basketball for a reason and not football.
  10. Boston Scott can play Darren Sproles in a movie about his life.
  11. Why does Jones not chek it down? I see guys open all the time and he refuses to dump it to Barkley and instead takes a sack.
  12. Crazy thing I just learned today and it is probably something everyone knew, and I'm late to the party. Julio Jones real first name is Quintorris.
  13. Kaden Smith mid tier TE that you can get late next year?