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  1. Picking up a 25 yard gain to put your team ato the GL and getting roasted for not reaching out with the ball? You even said it yourself with Chubb/Hunt at the goalline. I understand Higgins was trying to make a play, it just ended with the worst possible outcome like we have seen time and time before.
  2. How many teams in your league, and how many players do you get to have on your minors roster? This will largely dictate how far down the rabbit hole you have to go.
  3. I agree with both these points as well. I'd be fine with some sort of cutoff. I do also agree with BBT on this one; that the lists smack of laziness. Take my Tigers for instance. Who considers Mize and Skubal prospects? They were in the rotation last year. They got the 3rd and 4th most innings of any starters. Their positions are not being challenged by FA or other prospects in minors coming up. They are expected to start the season in the rotation. Yes, "technically" they are still in the minors in my fantasy league. If I was paying for or thumbing through a magazine at a store and
  4. Well in this case all the names he mentioned, at least at a glance, are expected to be in the starting lineup on their MLB team. That sort of takes away from them being prospects (aside from technicalities) when we know they have already been called up.
  5. I watch plenty of the games. Think what you want. Lamar is an elite rusher, but he isn't an elite QB. His supporting cast needs to be improved but their is a blueprint to beat him which is becoming more and more obvious.
  6. Rule doesn't bother me. Everyone knows it. I don't know why players keep reaching out with the ball like that and they know the rule too. The exception would be if it is 4th down, 2XP, game on the line with no time left. Go ahead and reach for it. We see this happen numerous times each year and pretty much every time the player has the ball in a compromising player rather than tucked in like normal.
  7. The offense was built around his ability to run, not pass. That is why it is having rapidly diminishing returns. He had 2 carries for 3 yards vs Cincy this year. I don't even care about that point, but you stated there wasn't another game. Plus, it is easy for Lamar to pad rushing stats late even in a losing effort. Yes, they need to address their line. Yes, he needs better receivers. And finally, YES, he needs to throw better. If you think Jackson is a good passing QB right now based off of his stats, I would highly recommend watching him live. Most of the passing isn't pret
  8. Lamar isn't an accurate passer. That is one of his problems. Don't quote me his completion percentage.
  9. Saints have the worst hurry up O. They did this twice this year with Taysom where they casually stroll to the line when they need to be sprinting. NVM Brees INT.
  10. What is your point? You've mentioned it in back to back posts and I'm sure before that. We are aware.
  11. Brees....where is that ball going? Haha that is Kamara's fault! You know why? He thought Brees would go downfield even if he was open!
  12. Sanders elbow is down short of the first down to me.
  13. Leg injury earlier. I'm not sure if he is playing. Looked like a pull in his quad area.
  14. .....what is the flag about? Did they look at the jumbotron to pick up the flag to hide their shame?
  15. ......Buck jizzing all over Johnson and how Brady needs to get him the ball.
  16. It was crazy efficiency. He led the league in passing TDs, with fewer yards than Trubisky last year. He had the fewest attempts of any starter with the amount of games he played. Some who played fewer games were even ahead of him in attempts. People were afraid to be critical of his passing because he was putting up stats. He had one 300 yard game, eight 200 yard games (only 1 of those over 250), and six 100 yard games passing. When the team needed to pass to catch up, they got in trouble. It happened during the regular season against Cleveland in a blowout loss. The same thing ha
  17. That would be dumb if he was benched. I agree with you he isn't that good.
  18. Evans getting sexually assaulted on the route. Cooks moping around. Still a whole quarter to play. If time was up and you lost the game I get it That isn't the case. Plenty of time to get it back together.
  19. Going to be the 4th quarter before Brady realizes Mike Evans is his best option?
  20. How do those work? You pick a full roster with just the guys in playoff?
  21. August 2018: Ramsey calls the Bills rookie “trash” In the now-infamous GQ Q&A in which he rated nearly every NFL quarterback, he had this to say about Allen: I think [Buffalo Bills draft pick Josh] Allen is trash. I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback. He played at Wyoming. Every time they played a big school—like, they played Iowa State, which is not a big school in my opinion because I went to Florida State, and he threw five i
  22. Really like the Bucs hitting hard. Love that Kamara took a hit and patted dude on helmet and didn't act like a crybaby about being hit.
  23. Evans had such a rough year with injuries but he is so good when they feed him. His hands have looked better this year; which is something I've knocked him a lot for.
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