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  1. I can handle 1-2 bad games but what’s really concerning is the pt under 24 min. That is not a good sign that the coaches trust him to handle the heavy lifting yet.
  2. Well not a great game but not going to drop after one dud. Maybe he can close out the game on a good note.
  3. from a real life perspective it makes sense for LA from a fantasy perspective I don't think it means that much. I could be wrong.
  4. When he announces he is not retired and is claimed would be my guess.
  5. I just hope he gets over his heel issue and it’s not pf and it lingers.
  6. I don't see it. Not with Harden and Russ taking all of the shots.
  7. Wondering the same thing. By default he should get 35+ minutes but can he provide any value?
  8. Firing him up over Kupp as my WR2. [...] Good luck today gents I’m already pounding a beer just to get things going.
  9. In a prison with chains around his ankles and he holds the key. he is a fool
  10. no that's the point is that his #'s are still very serviceable even though it seems as if he hasn't fit in the offensive scheme. We also have to take in consideration the Higbee emergence has also influenced the slight drop off in production.
  11. There was also a play early in the game may have been the first possession where CK was behind the D and Goff badly overthrew him. had he not miss fired it most certainly would've been a huge gain if not TD.
  12. Damn it looks like a blizzard in KC. I know you can’t sit your studs but this looks ugly af
  13. I can hear Romo now "Hyman on a busted coverage and it's wide open"
  14. I don’t think you have an easy drop to add those guys. Maybe House if you must. Might just want to stay put. Good luck
  15. If you can get another top 10 or 2 top 25 I would but as mentioned above might want to wait until he strings together a few gems. The problem is he’s so inconsistent. good luck!
  16. Those are the only options? I would go Rose because he’s more consistently productive but also one bad landing away. Good luck!
  17. Keep Holmes you know what you’re getting. MitchRob could improve with coaching change but I wouldn’t be selling a sure thing for a ? Good luck
  18. I would at this point if nothing else but the upside Clarke may bring when fully unleashed. Good luck!
  19. 10 Team H2H 9 Cat Dynasty Keeper currently 4 games in first but I have some dead weight in Garland, IT and Gary Harris. Looking to drop one or two of those for Elf or DeJounte Murray. Gut is saying Garland and IT for Elf/Murray. What y’all think? Leave a link and I’ll help you. Good luck!
  20. Is he a good stash in Dynasty Keeper leagues?