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  1. We had a bit of an exodus after last season and now need up to three owners to take over this year H2H most categories, standard 5x5Keep up to five playersMixed player universeSnake draftNo entry fee You keep players based on where they were drafted last year... Players drafted in rounds 20-25 last year move up four rounds this year, rounds 10-19 move up three rounds this year, and rounds 1-9 move up two rounds this year. Players acquired through free agency are kept in the last round(s). This is a system meant to encourage acquiring a core group of players to build your team around and simulates the MLB's process of increasing value through arbitration, etc without attaching dollar amounts to the players. Here are the rosters for each available team: Team A (5th place finish last year) Team B (6th place finish last year) Team C (10th place finish last year) Let me know if you have any questions! You can leave your email, shoot me a PM, or reach me at alex.m.bazeley@gmail.com. Thanks everyone!