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  1. Hope his dad can help with the incoming defamation lawsuit.
  2. This is news to me. What is his medical condition?
  3. I agree with what everyone is saying about playing time being the concern. He did most of his damage last year against lefties (167 wRC+) and that was the case throughout his minor league career so I’d bet he’ll play everyday against lefties. I think he’ll end up with an everyday role at some point in the season because of an injury or because Odor, Guzman, and Frazier aren’t good. I’ll let someone else draft him, drop him and then try to add when it looks like he’ll get everyday at bats.
  4. Looks like I’ll be benching most of my pitchers, especially lefties, against the Twins this year.
  5. It doesn’t work that way. Not from the player’s point of view. Not from the team’s point of view. And not from the agent’s point of view. They’re going to try to protect him. I think 150 innings is probably a pretty good approximation for his limit given that I’m sure they want him available for a postseason run as well. Personally I’d bet the under on 150 innings.
  6. Pure speculation on my part but I’d expect Boston ownership to follow Houston’s lead here and fire Cora.
  7. That ADP is way too high, imo, and that’s coming from a Buxton truther. Last season his ADP was even lower around this time and that was after an offseason of putting on 21lbs of muscle and working in the cage 4 hours a day. Now he’s coming off labrum surgery and there are questions about his availability for the start of the season?
  8. Fun fact: last year there were 33 catchers that hit 10 or more home runs and 16 that hit 15 or more. In 2018 there were 21 that hit 10 or more and 9 that hit 15 or more. I think the juiced ball is giving the illusion that catcher is really deep but if they go back to the ball they used in 2018 it may play out differently.
  9. This was my initial reaction as well but the more I think about it I’m thinking this deal is more about obtaining Arozarena then it is about Martinez. I’m willing to give Tampa the benefit of the doubt here after seeing some of the deals they’ve made over the last few years. Arozarena seems to have some impressive tools and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him develop into a Tommy Pham-lite.
  10. Tampa’s list of full time position players next year: 1. Meadows 2. Adames 3. There is no 3.
  11. I doubt it for a couple reasons: first, he doesn’t have much trade value. He’s a dh-only type and his bat is just a bit above average. Second, the Rays need some thump in their lineup against lefties and that’s J-Mart’s best attribute- he has a career 160wRC+ vs lefties.
  12. I find Corey Seager to be an interesting player in 2020. We have seen his ADP plummet over the last 3 years. in 2018, his age 24 season, he had an ADP of 25. In 2019, his age 25 season, he had an ADP of 71. And now in 2020, his age 26 season, he has an ADP around 150. Without getting into too much detail, I argued that he was a fade in 2018 largely due to his lack of steals. In 2019 I once again argued that he was an easy fade, though at that time it was related to the effects of offseason hip and elbow surgery. In 2020, I am now reversing my tune and arguing that Seager is one of the better values in the draft currently. Last year in 134 games he had 19 home runs, 82 runs, 87 RBIs, and a .272/.335/.483 triple slash line while missing a month with a hamstring injury. I fully anticipated a drop in some of Seager's numbers coming off of two significant surgeries and spending an entire offseason rehabbing. Not surprising his exit velo and hard hit % were the worst of his career. On the bright side some of his power started to reappear in the second half. His slugging % improved from .468 to .496 and has ISO jumped from .190 to .230. He slashed .291/.322/.616 in September. Interestingly his launch angle has increased from 9.6 in 2018 to 14.1 in 2019. I think the fantasy community as a whole tends to underestimate the impact major offseason surgeries have on players in their first year after. I think we'll see a bounce back year out of Seager after he has a normal offseason when he can perform unrestricted strengthening and conditioning, and I think he'll be a nice value play.
  13. It’s early but my guess is Urshela is the opening day 3b while Andujar is optioned to the minors to start the year. Urshela’s ADP right now is a great value and will likely rise as we get closer to opening day.
  14. Yes, this. If you're paying the sticker price on Paddack this year you're paying for an elite WHIP. Last year he finished 5th behind Verlander, Cole, Flaherty, and deGrom in WHIP. I see a lot of fantasy baseball experts calling for significant regression this year citing his two-pitch arsenal and some of his underlying metrics from last year, but I think he has the stuff to be a top 15 starting pitcher in 2020 and I think it'll be buoyed by another year of elite WHIP. I've mentioned this before but his pitch mix is very similar to what Marco Estrada has been doing for years. Last year his pitch mix was 61.1%FB, 10.4%CB, and 28.5%CH. Compare that to Estrada in 2014 who had a 56.6%FB, 13.5%CB, and 30.0%CH. From 2012-2016 Estrada put up WHIPs of 1.04, 1.08, 1.12, 1.14, and 1.20 while maintaining an ERA under 3.90 in 4/5 of those years. Like Estrada, Paddack possesses an elite change-up and excellent command and control. However, during that time Estrada's FB velocity averaged about 90mph while Paddock averaged 94.2mph last year. I think he's got the potential assuming health of delivering 175-180 innings, 190-200k's, an ERA between 3.00-3.50, and a WHIP between 1.0-1.10.
  15. I’m a believer. This’ll be the last year you’ll be able to draft him outside the first round for the foreseeable future, imo.