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  1. Haha thanks guys. Figured I was over thinking it.
  2. pick 2 of the 4 keepers Sonny Gray $1 Ryu $1 Montas $1 Soroka $1
  3. With the OBJ injury, 1 TD in 12 weeks and paired with his public desire to leave Cleveland, does it make sense to bench him in favour of D Washington? WHIR!
  4. Similar type players but Soler with more runs and RBI’s... WHIR.
  5. For me it’s Alfaro thanks for the help on mine.
  6. Need bags and average. Do you trade Paddack for Segura? Current Staff: verlander price Darvish jon gray Ryu montas e rod soroka weaver eflin paddack WHIR!!
  7. KNEW they shoulda pulled erod after 6....coulda been a really nice confidence booster for the Sox staff but noooo
  8. Like your original players but sub Snell for Bryant. Like Snell more
  9. I would do it too if you can get Correa I’d be good with that myself.
  10. $260 Budget, 5 Keepers. With our league inflation, top players will go for $60-$80 at draft. Arenado $28 - ✔️ Acuna $22 - ✔️ Verlander $41 Benintendi $22 (can keep for $22 this year or sign to extension @ $22 +$5/year) Andujar $2 Eduardo Rodriguez $1 WHIR thanks!
  11. Olsen if you need upside. Cook if you need reliability. I’m going Olsen over Davis.
  12. I was debating Olsen and Davis so I go Davis here. His targets last week are encouraging and with Pederson shadowing I see good upside.
  13. Miller with better floor Barber with higher ceiling? Who do you pick? leave a link!
  14. I have 1.5 combined pts from TE position last 3 weeks.... do you go Olsen, Davis or Ebron week 15? WHIR
  15. If Reed sits Thursday do you start Davis in juicy match vs Giants or go with Olsen? Post link WHIR!!
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