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  1. The Rams lose and the Bears win and guess who gets a bye week?
  2. This is the part of the fantasy season that is “luck.” Making the playoffs and securing the 1 seed is skill oriented. But this s---? Luck. With Mahomes, Kittle, Allen, and Gurley in a 12 teamer I’m here clawing and praying that Derrick henry and the falcons defense didn’t end my season. So frustrating.
  3. Kittle please you know how important this game is to us
  4. Give the ball to Kittle and no one else I am desperate
  5. f--- f--- Corey Davis and Keenan Allen. If I can’t manage a Samuels miracle I’m going to be in a bad bad spot. Need Gurley and Kittle. Down 39 with those three left to go. He ran the Falcons defense and, of course, Henry. He has Ingram left. Jesus.
  6. Yea but he posted in this thread expecting us to say he got robbed or something and had bad luck. The better team won.
  7. Youre not going to want to hear it but that second team is a much better team than yours.
  8. CHRIST. 2.5 Gurley points. Thank God anyone who drafted halfway decently with Gurley has a bye week or else this would be PAINFUL.
  9. I step away at insults. Your point can be made without it. Certainly not asserting 100% my point is irrefutable. But your insults speak a lot more about you as a person than how wrong I may be. Bowing out here. Anyone interested in continuing this discussion can PM me. Always open to good conversation.
  10. And that’s precisely what is wrong, here. But point made. We can disagree. I respect your position.
  11. I get the soap boxing and all, but we don’t operate under man code. There are laws and rights accorded to both genders. You don’t know what he was thinking. If a woman is attacking him and punching him he has every single right to defend himself. That’s not an opinion, it’s his legal right. People assuming that Hunt was going to beat her to a pulp are creating facts and narratives. He had opportunities to hit her and he did not.