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  1. It’s possible that I don’t read all of the same guys you do (I use free sites other than The Athletic) but he definitely put me on those guys first. I trust his opinion on young hitters and I like that he doesn’t just seem to copy the list of others, just my opinion based on the guys that I’ve followed.
  2. Agree on Arozerena, I would put him in the top 30 based only on what he has done the last 2 months, small sample size aside. The think I like about Cross is that he is super aggressive on young bats which can be extremely helpful when playing in leagues with more than 100 prospects. He was the one who was highest the earliest on Groshans, CJ Abrams, Robinson, Luciano, etc. i much prefer that to a few of the prospect writers who just seem to mimic other’s lists.
  3. Updated top 500 from prospects live. https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2020/10/15/top-500-prospects-for-dynasty-leagues
  4. Updated top 250 from fantrax. https://www.fantraxhq.com/top-fantasy-baseball-prospects/
  5. End of season top 197 from prospects 1500. https://www.prospects1500.com/overall-top-197-prospects-october-2020/
  6. Of course it is, 2020 gonna 2020.
  7. Nice, 2021 arrived early. Can’t wait to see his debut tonight.
  8. Prospects 365 updated their top 200 including FYPD. https://prospects365.com/2020/08/01/ray-butlers-2020-midseason-top-200-prospects/
  9. Fantrax updated in July, haven’t seen any others.
  10. Really looking forward to his debut tomorrow.
  11. I think it’s a greater than 50% chance he is promoted this year as long as he doesn’t struggle in AA. The Padres believe they will compete this year and seem more inclined than most teams to promote their best prospects once they believe they can help the team. That might change if they play less than a six week season but based on their track record it might not if they already believe he is a top 3 pitcher for their staff right now (which I do).
  12. Interesting article from Prospects 365 trying to predict the top 100 prospects for next year. https://prospects365.com/2020/04/03/the-crystal-ball-2021-top-100-prospect-list/
  13. I’ve seen this a couple places but what I don’t get is what would happen to the draft eligible players this year? Theu would just wait until next year? The same with international free agents. Would they wait until next year to sign?