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  1. I think it’s a greater than 50% chance he is promoted this year as long as he doesn’t struggle in AA. The Padres believe they will compete this year and seem more inclined than most teams to promote their best prospects once they believe they can help the team. That might change if they play less than a six week season but based on their track record it might not if they already believe he is a top 3 pitcher for their staff right now (which I do).
  2. Interesting article from Prospects 365 trying to predict the top 100 prospects for next year. https://prospects365.com/2020/04/03/the-crystal-ball-2021-top-100-prospect-list/
  3. I’ve seen this a couple places but what I don’t get is what would happen to the draft eligible players this year? Theu would just wait until next year? The same with international free agents. Would they wait until next year to sign?
  4. Below is a link to Ray Butler’s top 200 prospects for 2020 including blurbs for each prospect. https://prospects365.com/2020/03/09/ray-butlers-2020-top-200-prospects/
  5. I wonder if the Reds naught not accelerate his timeline? They could really use a SS.
  6. Part 2 https://twitter.com/Prospects365/status/1232438239417397248?s=20
  7. Agree, he does seem to go out and scout the prospects on the east coast but he’s super stubborn about dropping players down his list when appropriate. Still had Dak Cameron in his top 100 this year as an example.
  8. I own a couple shares so it was nice to see one of the top guys give him some love but the only other guy I’ve seen rank him in the top 100 was Rich Wilson from prospect 361.
  9. Leody Tavares at 37 was a little surprising as well.
  10. Looking forward to Klaw’s top 100 prospects Monday. I joined the Athletic as well about 2 weeks ago on that 12 months for $36 deal, so far so good. Sickels seems really depressed on Twitter lately, some type of health issues with his son and he really hates a certain political leader.
  11. Here is Fantasy Rundown’s list of several site’s team rankings. http://fantasyrundown.com/2020-baseball-prospect-rankings/