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  1. no way, Kelly < Hopkins << Moore Robinson minus a injury....
  2. Diggs is the best player so without seeing your team I would. I dont see Hilton as more of a flex and Ingram will have 2-3 good games...but i see Diggs well above the people you are trading...
  3. Benched Mixon for Robinson tonight...was a little scared till the first TD (starting Cook and Drake currently as well). Now I look like a genius. Might see if I can make a move for a stud wr now with my depth in rbs
  4. I only started Stephon Diggs because I am a Vikings homer and was at the game today to watch my 8 yr old daughter dance with the cheerleaders before the game kicked off and wanted to cheer for the team and cheer a player on the team. Won me money in all my fan dual leagues and my matchup in the redraft league where in own him. Good day overall and even better a proud Dad before kickoff of the game. Would of won either way.
  5. FYI Kirk has more targets than Fitz...I believe a correction is coming in his way so I lean Kirk. Fitz has more TDS but it easily could be the other way. Thanks for the help on mine
  6. Kittle by far. He is getting targets, has his bye this week, and should be in for a great rest of the season
  7. I think you need more help at rb with Barkley out than wr even though I h rhink the JuJu offer is better. I would would go Allen and Sanders for Freeman if possible. If you could get the JuJu offer done I would still feel good and try to flip Thomas for a wr though
  8. I would say how is your matchup? Need a good floor then play Brady as it’s a tough matchup. Big underdog....play Keenum as higher ceiling with a chance of being pulled for Haskins if he does not perform
  9. It’s a hard pass for me. I am not high on TG3 with his 4 catches in 3 games for 8 yds and much lower run rate. Maybe later in the season if LAR show they want to get TG3 involved but for nowhere no
  10. 1hr with 8 WHIR messages answered and I have one answer and on the second page? Leave a link and WHIR
  11. Terry is legit, Montgomery is increasing his role each week, and Samuels could be without Cam the rest of the year. I easily pass on this trade
  12. I can’t see rosters but if you have Gallman I like the trade if you don’t need the RB help. Ty is the only wr on the Raiders worth anything and if the team needs RB help it could be a great trade for both teams
  13. I would agree with Fournette with it being standard with Fitz being my #2. I could make a small case for Shepard but I like the chances for the two above for a TD better
  14. I am on the other side, TG3 is getting no volume. Their percentage of runs are down and he only has 4 rec for 8 yds this season. Unless you absolutely need rob help I say no
  15. Ingram for sure, beginning of season I would of said Jones but I don’t trust the Packers coaching staff. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/767068-adams-montgomery-vs-cupp-aaron-jones/