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  1. His talent was proven and well documented coming out of Auburn, and man you saw it his rookie year. He really showed his explosiveness, then. I would bet what is showing your more slumping numbers is when taking into account last year. It's not like he was setting the world on fire before he got hurt last year. He was finally getting his three down role and you just didn't see the consistent production, creating yards and moving defenders forward for extra yards. I think it would be more fair to post his YPC and YPR as opposed to his yards per game, because he was held back his rookie year not getting a lot of touches. He still has the talent to really succeed in the NFL. His best case scenario in fantasy and reality, might be to let a smaller back garner 8 or so touches a game, allowing Kerryon to stay healthy all season.
  2. yeah, talent is off the charts, he was fun to watch last year. But new staff, and extremely unproven QB that looked overmatched more times than not last season leave a good amount of worry. "upside WR3" is about the best label i can give him going into 2020. At the right price i'd still take him next year, but i don't know if Haskins really has what it takes at the NFL level long term. But Terry's best quality was producing, even in tough matchups with the suspect QB play. He'll still be usable WR3 next year worst case.
  3. im not hopeful. But Seattle should be more hopeful in reality than i am in fantasy. He'll be a solid asset as long as healthy and "not high" in that offense. Metcalf being an early draft pick im not convinced he immediately takes his role or the bulk of his targets. The best takeaway as mentioned is that he pairs with one of the best arms and deep balls in the game. But lack of volume will make him an upside WR3 every week and that is an all out best case scenario barring some crazy slew of injuries, and even upside WR3 status is weeks away IF that pans out where you'll be throwing him out there in the fantasy playoffs. He's droppable in high bench leagues depending players avail, but still extremely stashable.
  4. i am pretty confused with this franchise, but still reserve some optimism. A legit franchsie QB, and K Johnson is an RB to get excited about for the future. This roster always seems pretty flush without much in the way of gaping holes. You look at their offensive line on paper and you think it's super solid, then all they do is underperform. Their defense actually was very promising and opportunistic in 2017 but relapsed when they did not lose any significant starters, just bizarre. I'll still be investing some fantasy picks like always, into a few detroit lions as they are always liable to put up good stats despite no postseason success, if they get there at all. This year didn't stand a chance when marvin jones and Kerryon got hurt. When they are healthy, they can still be a fantasy friendly offense. After 2018, Stafford should plummet for his ADP and be a bargain in QB1, and hoping they ditch blount, but regardless Kerryon will be on my radar as well as Marvin and Golladay.
  5. I hope he doesn’t go too early next year. Love this kid. It will be interesting to see how much past AB he gets drafted for his adp because it shouldn’t be by much.
  6. You weren’t crazy for doing so. My opponent did the same thing, fortunately for him I would have beat him anyway.
  7. Yes he should be started over guys like this, but this is right in his range, tough matchup with Keenan expected back. Temper expectations.
  8. My opponent is precisely doing the above, but said he’s still not decided but RA is still in right now. I am starting RA in my other championship matchup so I’m kind of pissed. It would take guts if he kept Robby in, especially if no reports say that Keenan will be on limited snaps. But I also understand your sentiment that it’s not a great matchup for Keenan coming off the injury. And to be honest I’m more nervous with Robby in there which says all you need to know.
  9. That Arizona offense is just fml. And I still haven’t forgotten about that game where the back up Arizona rb scored two tds. Dj isn’t a bad play, but I like samuels especially in ppr settings, but generally like him better in any setting.
  10. If he’s 80% plus percent, he will pwn Eli apple tomorrow, a guy immune to covering above average wrs. He’s a risky bet with the injury but would go as far as a low end wr1 if he plays four quarters.
  11. One thing is clear - you keep kittle in your lineup. It’s whether you roll samuels or Dj. It’s close but give me samuels, I’m buying the better offense here.
  12. I don’t see how every Damien owner is not starting him this week for must MUST start. Samuels is definitely appealing and start worthy, but Williams left for the workhorse role to himself in that offense, you’d be nuts to try and justify benching him. Fortunately I’m playing both in different leagues this weekend. Tack on that Damien has the better matchup it should be pretty clear.
  13. While this is somewhat fair, I think it should be brought up how strongly he closed out last year. He actually started developing into a well rounded 3 down back it seemed. Or at least well enough to be given a solid shot to do so at the beginning of this year. My biggest problem is that Gase signed a 33 year old back that appeared to halt some legitimate progress a younger back was having with a potential bright future ahead. Who knows though because it was only the last few games of last year that I’m going off of. This is probably moot as something that could every he proven unless he went to another team or Gase gets fired. They drafted Ballage and already fed him over Drake when Gore went down. So he won’t ever be more than a bit player in his current situation. It remains to be seen whether this truly is the best way to utilize him.
  14. Damien is now going to the workhorse rb in what is probably the best offense in the league. Williams doesn’t have a very good matchup, and did not show promise the first two weeks of the season when he had the job to himself.
  15. Dangit, was leaning Adams cuz it’s standard, and if Eli McGuire can squeak 11 pts what can Adams do behind a line that’s still run blocking pretty well? howard I get it. He’s been tempting the whole way, but so much inpredictable-ness going along with him. And the fact that I’m streaming foles in this matchup kind of wanted to have foles/Adams stack and hopefully gets all the philly tds. May switch out Umpteen times before Sunday