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  1. This feels like a realistic range to me, and he was certainly different on the Cowboys. It's impressive how quickly Dak and Cooper linked up when we saw him struggle to hit Dez consistently, and Amari is confidently playing for that contract. I think that kind of rapport means something and I'm guessing he gets closer to the higher end, so I'm happy to take him in the third if I have my first RB.
  2. LOL. Exactly. I think that Hard Knocks and ABs (likely massive) ego are to blame for this. He seems to be the 'negative attention is better than no attention' kinda guy who'd rather cause a distraction than be seen as the clown his behavior suggests he is, pacing the sidelines with no ability to wow anyone. Blisters, back for week 1, very real possibility for a meltdown/minor injury as an older player later in the year as the team struggles. He'll help you get out of the gate but too risky overall IMHO.
  3. I remember reading it too, said Bourne was starting ahead of him I believe. But I agree with the dude a few posts earlier, this is training camp, Pettis is the stating receiver and I'm pretty sure Bourne didn't change their mind.
  4. Nice list. Disagree a little on the RBs (because who the hell knows), but I love all the receivers you touched, just Godwin going a little too high these days. QB - Mayfield: I think he's gunning for 40, and I think he might get close. It's gonna be fun to own this dude. - Cam: unreal weapons this year, healthy, good game scripts. RB - D Freeman: At least one big finale of a run. Continuity on the o-line, gonna be ahead plenty, big opportunity for a bellcow role. - T Coleman: Gonna be electric in this offense. CAn't wait. WR - A Robinson: AGree with your logic - lots of factors pointing to a good-great season. - C Davis: Consistently glowing buzz, awesome talent, gonna get good volume and higher quality targets given the improvements, Tannehill backing up Mariota a good thing. Guy is falling in drafts and this could be the year. TE - OJ - yep, gimme the big breakout. If I don't get a price I like on Kittle or Kelce, I'm looking for OJ next. And if I don't get him I'm looking at Cook/McDonald/Djoku and pairing with someone like Andrews or Waller.
  5. They gave him a lot of money not too long ago, and I imagine they had an army of doctors say it looks at least good for the length of the contract. Doesn't it seem more like a heavy workload likely led to a breakdown and they're kicking themselves for it, and have made all the requisite moves to adapt a new plan, which includes Gurley as a freakin stud RB with fewer touches in an amazing offense? Sounds pretty good, but god these things drive me crazy. I felt like I had a completely sound, big picture kind of view, and before I could submit this post I'm questioning it!
  6. But they'd just put him out wide with a simple route tree until he started figuring it out I'd think. I mean, wouldn't take much for Brady to find this guy.
  7. I tried not to overthink this one: high game-to-game ceiling based on talent, great O-Line, great handcuff with a good price, starting RB on a team that's gonna be leading and winning a lot. I bet heavily on this dude. And cuffed the hell out of him.
  8. This has a Freeman/Coleman feel to it a couple years ago. Freeman came out hot in camp, locked down the job and crushed high end RB1 numbers. Only the Bucs aint the Falcons. Low-end RB2 sounds about right. Great bargain.
  9. Seriously? The one going in the 6th is a starting wide receiver for a projected high-powered offense who just got paid a ton of money by a bunch of pretty smart dudes, and the one going in the 12th was paid less than 2mil, is on a questionable offense, and is slated for the second team.
  10. I'm just boxscore-watching here, but so much for the garbage time special. Dude shot 5/8, grabbed 9 boards, no turnovers, and just one foul. Best plus/minus on the team at +9. No more than 15 minutes? I don't get it.
  11. I got taken to the cleaners. Lillard for Kawhi before his brief return. Ugh.
  12. I'm loving the possibility here. Rondo seems to turn it on when he feels like it, and he likes to be on scrappy teams fighting for playoff spots. Didn't he kill it for Chicago for awhile last year? And we just got an extra game for championship week in Yahoo because of the rescheduled game. Last 2 months of last year in 27 mins/game: 1.1 3s, 10 points, 5 boards, 7 assists, 1.7 steals, 47%, 70%, 2.6 to. Pretty awesome stuff.
  13. Second that. Man this dude is active. I don't know why they brought in booker, they need to be getting this dude as many minutes as possible.
  14. Well, he isn't shy, that's for sure. He hit some big shots down the stretch after missing quite a few. Calling for the ball consistently. Good sign as far as confidence and believing he belongs. Definitely lost some assists due to missed shots, but also gonna take a little time to adjust to the speed of the game and to his teammates. He was passing the ball with intelligence, but there were a few plays where the defenders were getting a hand on the ball, maybe closing at a speed he's not used to, or teammates not being on the same page.