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  1. So he’ll catch more passes... that’s a terrible logic on ranking players of his caliber
  2. They’re journalists and beat writers, NOT film evaluators or NFL scouts
  3. There are about 100 articles you could find on the subject. All with different opinions. Who cares? For example: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/fantasy/2020/04/30/bucs-keshawn-vaughn-emergent-fantasy-success “Jones isn’t locked into the starting job. He hasn’t been good enough to earn that privilege. He was barely good enough at anything to step on the field as a rookie and struggled to unseat Barber last year. In 2019, Jones upped his 1.9 yards per carry to 4.2 and scored six touchdowns to go with his 724 rushing yards. He also added 31 receptions for 309 yards. While the numbers are better, vision and blocking continue to be an issue, and the coaches have shown they don’t trust him. They used him because what were the options?”
  4. You don’t get a mulligan on your actual rookie season just because you were absolutely terrible lol
  5. That’s the point here. You call Ronald Jones a “starter” but last season he averaged less than 11 carries per game when his only competition was 3.1 ypc Peyton Barber.
  6. No Rojo screwed that up by whiffing on pass blocks and completely missing assignments.
  7. You realize in the NFL Vaughn will also have a immensely better offensive line, quarterback, and offense in general, don’t you? You got it, the Bucs drafted the 3rd best RB from Illinois in the 3rd round.
  8. You realize under Barfield’s model Ronald Jones was one of the worst RB’s he’s ever evaluated in terms of yards created and pass protection, right?
  9. You’re concerned about their second 7th round pick? The fact that the Bucs drafted 2 RB’s alone should tell you how they feel about Ronald Jones. Vaughn is much more than a “boom-or-bust runner”. He’s also a better receiver and pass protector than Jones. Yes every rookie is “unproven in the NFL”, but Jones has proven that he’s not that good in the NFL.
  10. Never ever use this strategy
  11. There’s literally no reason to believe that
  12. Stop thinking that Vaughn will get less touches than Peyton Barber got last season. That’s a terrible logic.
  13. Is this a real life? Ke’shawn Vaughn played at Vanderbilt behind a bottom 3 offensive line against SEC defenses. Vanderbilt had 10 passing TD’s on the entire season and only 2064 passing yards. To say he was the entire offense is an understatement.