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  1. Why is Tristan McKenzie pitching in the 6'th/7'th inning?
  2. When you have 1'st and goal from the 2-3 yard line, Barkley is you RB, and it's 2 min into the game #1... yet you throw the ball twice w/ an unproven mediocre QB... you lose games. There is no defending this decision, period.
  3. When you have the best bruiser RB in football, yet choose to pass the ball multiple times when it's 1'st and goal from the 3 yard line multiple times...??? That might explain why you no longer coach a good team. Putting the ball in the hands of a RC (basically) QB and an offensive o-line is inexcusable. The coaches own this game, it was as unimaginable and non-reactive as you can get!
  4. Felix Pena on for the ANA save. Looked calm, heart of SD order... (Tatis Jr., Machado, Hosmer)... clean inning w/ a K. Anything to see here?
  5. Castillo has gotten the save in his last three appearances including Monday... then is brought into a 5-0 game in the 5'th inning tonight??? wtf?
  6. Can anyone explain to me how the Atl Braves, with all their riches in MiLB trade capitol... NEVER make any moves for what they have needed for faaaarrr to long? Every year I see frontline starters moved for peanuts, yet despite a legit (and super cheap) offense, they continually scrape the gum off the bottom of the table @ Pizza Hut, rather than buy a damn pack of Bubbalicious! At least the A's w/ minimal cash put it on the line every year, yet ALT just keeps signing hot trash has been SP's and wonder why we can't compete in the playoffs. And we literaly wrote the effin book on how to win w/ quality SP's... oh the horror! 😱
  7. It’s just so Braves! Lol It’s the old “were cheap AF even though we absolutely fleeced our two baby superstars... but trust us, we’re gonna get one of these retreads to work one of these times!” The Braves cooperate owners could spend whatever they want... but obviously, what they want is the bean counters to tell them how much profit the books show! Sad, pathetic... yet %100 SO MY BRAVES!!! 🥺🥺🥺
  8. He didn't get any borderline calls (actual strikes), nor any calls "juuuust" outside the zone... but you earn that s***, especially as a RC, and he simply didn't last night. That said, the telling thing to me, was his FB misses were routinely in the 91-92 mph range, yet his FB strikes were consistently 94-96. This is indicative of "aiming" rather than trusting your stuff, and I personally felt like he was not in happy w/ the called pitch many times. He knew the FB wasn't working like the first outing, but instead of challenging hitters, took the (old/bad) Yu Darvish approach of "nibbling" w/ no intention of being in the strike zone. This cost him many extra pitches, and ultimately the win. As for his future, it's very bright! CLE churns out SP's, and "stuff" wise he's as talented as anyone on that staff.
  9. Excellent analysis... Didn't have control of the FB tonight despite the easy delivery. Seemed to aim it, rather than throw it all night. Curveball was filthy on many occasions, bottom just falls out ala K. Gross of years past... not sure why he didn't use it more when ahead in the count, but I'd doubt he's got any say in pitch selection. Not a great outing, but for a guy making just his second big league start, the numbers don't tell the whole story. IMHO, the game flow was odd... lot's of long innings of the Indians hitting, and he seemed to never really hit a "flow" in the game. The HR he gave up to Fowler cleared the fence by an inch or two, looked like a very "robable" ball, but Naquin took a bad route and made no attempt to catch it... mind you this was an 0-2 pitch that had ZERO business being hittable! Once again, great spot for the curve, but catcher called a FB and set up high and inside. This followed a walk to the previous batter O'neill, where McKenzie seemed afraid to give him a FB to hit, yet they were called 4-5 pitches in a row. I'm surprised he didn't get a chance in the 5'th inning, but he could have had that chance if not for a bad double play attempt (his throw to 2'nd on a comebacker was high and off enough to delay the turn) and ultimately cost him another 6-7 pitches in the 4'th. @ 75 or so pitches, and w/ the huge lead, I'm sure they would have let him back out... but being in the mid 80's after 4 innings, and have thrown only 80 his first start, aaannd given his injury history... he got hosed today of a sure win. So be it, but "Meh" needs edification.
  10. While surprising, ATL has as much MiLB SP talent as anyone in baseball. Regardless, there must be more to this story...
  11. Dude, seriously... it's 2020 and nobody needs any rational BS or thoughtful comments here bud! See your way out please... lol
  12. Glass pulled after completely dominating the Braves... only @ 71 pitches, Rays up 9-1... and they screw him out of a win he very much earned. (If this becomes the norm, why even play this BS season anyway... soo pissed!)
  13. Luckily I had Hudson already, but I flat dropped Doolittle after what I saw today. As I said before, that challenge FB that he made a living on... let alone that crazy bulldog look in his eye are just gone. He threw the FB about %90 today, and it was 90-92 mph w/ no movement whatsoever, and always above the belt. I'm sorry, but that ish doesn't play in the minors let alone the MLB. When you consider Hudson made easy work of the 9'th, was throwing 96-97 mph w/ his typical movement... and the simple fact that WAS is the reigning WS champions, IMHO I see NO scenario where Doo-doo is allowed to come into a game they should win and throw up BP. (The stats don't show his body language, lack of confidence, or how truly bad today's outing was!) IDK if he's hurt or something, but he's nothing like the flame throwing challenge everyone closer he once was. If you keep him, hope it's on your bench till you see w/ your own eyes what I'm talking about. He was always a "thrower", and he lacks the repertoire to become a pitcher. The modern game has no room for soft tossing two pitch closers.