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  1. To clarify my above post, the 3-4 players I list after my targeted player are obviously protected to have "similar" stats and auction price. That said, sometimes Player A may be +15 in SB's, vs. Player B being + 25 in RBI's... so when plugging in players, if I wind up considerably over my "Magic Number" in SB's, but a little thin in RBI's, it's obvious I should switch my "target player" to Player B and predictably gain in both RBI's and HR's hopefully. I may have a few guys I'm dead set on "BFF/ Homer" drafting, but most guys are flexible and I'm not going to panic when my "target player" sells for $8 over what I've deemed he's worth. At that point, I'm literally staring at 3-4 other guys I'm happy to have providing I don't vastly overpay and screw up all the homework I've done. I'n all honesty, I can usually complete the spreadsheet in a bout 2 hours, but I will spend many weeks just reading articles and looking for trends before I actually plug names and values into the spread sheet. (My biggest trick, is we draft about a week before MLB games start, so I do a final "value" check of my #'s vs. the LABR mixed results. I find the experts know their ****, and any last min risers or fallers can be accounted for.) Surprisingly, my auction values don't differ too much by and large, as "they" probably use the internet along w/ us average Joes.
  2. I met him @ a Giants game in the tunnel last year... he was a complete A-Hole! Was beyond rude to a gal and her lil girl, and when another male fan told him to chill out, they almost went at it. As a braves fan I was taken aback! Very disappointed! Charlie Culberson actually apologized on his behalf after a security guy took Albies back to the clubhouse, said it was totally uncalled for, and signed/chatted everyone up to smooth things over. (It's BOLD PREDICTIONS, and I hope I'm wrong eternal... but dude's a serious prick and needs to mature in a big way! IMHO)
  3. I created a spread sheet almost 20 years ago now, and have won or placed 2'nd (11) times, and ONLY finished out of the $ twice since then... 18/20 payouts. 12 team mixed roto keeper that is a live auction. I too wondered how I could possibly predict what players would be sold for, but realized MOST owners were reading the same online info, predominately the top searches on google for "mixed auction values"... so It became clear that if I gathered the mean average values from a few sites, tweaked them to my given league tendencies, and raised them by about %10 to be safe... I'd have a decnet baseline value to assign to each player up for auction on a given year. NOW, this is only half the equation! The real breakthrough was simply plugging in the ACTUAL data from my league history. I take the last 5 years of the top (4) finishers in each category, and establish a "Magic Number".. IE, a mean average that becomes the # I'm shooting for in each category. 5 years of historical data has proven worthy to eliminate oddities on any given year, but clearly illustrates MLB spikes or drops for a given category and one can see a pattern to tweak said Magic Number if needed. So bottom line, I created self calculating cells that add each row of my projections when plugging in players (my keepers are in a different font and color), and the goal is to keep fiddling w/ players and their projected values until that ROW (category) reaches or exceeds my magic number. Obviously it's easier to predict hitting than pitching, but it works none the less. 18 of 20 years getting paid is proof enough for me! I will usually put my top target at a given position in bold, then 3-4 other similar players after his name... (then the trick is I put BARGAIN/SLEEPER players that hide in a pop up box when I hover my curser over the targeted players cell. This is important for flexibilities sake, so when a player you didn't expect to be a massive bargain is there to be bought cheaply, or much more than you were willing to spend, (yet still a huge discount) you can just grab a "bargain" guy on your secret list later. The $260 active salary row is constantly showing you how plus/minus you are as the auction is ongoing, so it's not a meltdown scenario if you reach for an expensive guy you didn't plan on getting, and conversely, if you get a sweet bargain mid draft you can quickly see you have a surplus and reach for a stud you didn't plan on getting. Not sure this is worded so you guys can understand my madness, but personally I don't waste brain power trying to write down or keep track of other owners current monies, positions available/filled, none of that ****! I focus %100 on my team... I've got ALL my backup plans in place laid out right in front of me, and while the stress and chaos of the live auction seems to consume most other owners to the point of paralysis by analysis... I simply keep a cold beer in front of me and keep my cool. 😎
  4. Acuna NL MVP and solidifies #1 pick status for next 8 years... Judge AL MVP... edging out Tyler Glasnow, barely. Chris Paddack NL CY Young... Y. Darvish runner up, M. Soroka 3'rd Tyler Glasnow AL CY Young... L. Severino runner up, F. Montas 3'rd Ohtani gets 20 Wins/ Steals/ Hr's/ Girlfriends Mackenzie Gore NL ROY, Forrest Whitley 2'nd Luis Robert AL ROY in landslide, Nate Pearson takes distant 2'nd Will Smith leads MLB in Saves Ozzie Albies gets arrested for domestic abuse 😪 (Cheaters) Altuve < 10HR, Bregman & Springer <20 HR's... Altuve has a meltdown due to media pressure after early struggles and hits under .260 too boot! Marco Luciano becomes #1 prospect in baseball, and its not even close!
  5. [...] I love this guy, he such a baller and real life good dude. Really sucks that he's missed 2/3'rd's of the season, as that's easily a win or two along the way. Would be in playoffs already if he wouldn't have rushed back the first go around, but whatevs. (If you've ever pulled/ slightly torn a hammy, no explanation needed. It's Sniper status, game over, limping sucks.) Silver lining here is this was kinda flukey, he's been a legit #1 for years and will fall in next years drafts for savvy owners! (Granted, when Bell Cow RB's went extinct, rules became a joke, etc... it all became luck driven more or less, but AT is a bad mofo!)
  6. %60 of the time... it works every time! Y'er welcome in advance folks... hahaha
  7. Why do they (RAMS) NEVER give Gurley the ball around the goal line? Drafting Bell and having Gurley fall to me late seemed like it could work. Yeaaah, not so much!
  8. Ok, now I've seen some bad QB play in my time... but THIS was an entirely new level of ****e. I mean wtf actually happened out there? It wasn't the (4) picks, it's that he resembled a drunk bride throwing a bouquet of flowers to the crowd of scorned single women. A "fart in your general direction", mockery of throwing (if you can even call it that) wafting a pigskin juuuuust hard enough that gravity didn't win the moment it left his scared lil hand. Quite frankly, MANY of us could have set our beer down, jumped out of the recliner, and done better tonight w/out a single warmup toss or understanding of the nomenclature... just old fashioned "bottle cap, stick, rock" and finger in the dirt preparation. My wife is a Jets fan from NY, I've had the unfortunate reality of watching them for about 17 years now, and I'm speechless. Butt Fumble is officially second place in Jets lore... congrats Sam, you've made The Sanchize sleep soundly tonight my man... my girly man.
  9. Gurley was literally a good FOOT past the goaline holding the ball @ his chin. Not only did refs all go blind, but Rams didn't challenge it... WTF???????
  10. Gurley was CLEARLY one foot plus into the endzone for a TD and not only wasn't it called a TD, Rams didn't challenge it. (On replay it was rediculusly clear the ball was 8"-12" past the goal line.) What's the point of replay and officials anymore? UNREAL!!!
  11. Was up 12 points,... MY Jimmy Jesus & 49'ers DTS vs. HIS A. Cooper & ODB (After AC going bonkers last night I was chasing 35 points and ODB... no way I could ever win, had %98 loss prediction) I effffffin DID IT BABY!!!
  12. Both of Jimmy's INT's were bad efforts by intended targets... tipped gimme's for the DST deep in Niner territory. Falls in the category of $hit happens...
  13. Traded Vlad Jr. for Scherzer (went on DL before trade was even finalized) & T. Bauer (29 ER in 30 IP so far...) yup, that's all I've got.
  14. “I’m taking Acuna 1’st w/out hesitation... he’s the greatest ball player to ever play the game, and he’s only 21 years old!” - George Herman Ruth -