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  1. He's allergic to the spotlight all of a sudden... (2019) It's like Chucky Knoblauch syndrome, purely mental as his stuff seems the same as his dominant 2018. I don't get it, but man does he crap the bed in epic fashion! You can just see it happening, and it's hard to watch. Feel bad for the guy... he looks scared and has zero moxie.
  2. Report (per CBS Sports) is Martin was unavailable due to a "stiff back"...
  3. Anyone know the severity of the "hand injury while attempting to field a ground ball" that made him come out of the game today? Bad hop off wrist/hand? Abrasion? He's actually hot as a firecracker and weekly league need an update... thanks in advance.
  4. Cease has the stuff, and apparently when angry... can pitch like Mad Max. He's taking his lumps as expected, for the reasons expected. Watching the gamecast the other day, EVERY fastball was @ the top of the zone or higher. This in and of itself needs to change! You simply cannot make a living in that bandbox walking people and throwing high fastballs. The instant bulldog Jekyl/Hyde thing needs to be harnessed... Moncada should walk to the bump and %itch slap him every inning if necessary, keep the kid angry, it's obvious what needs to happen here!
  5. (JUST MY WISH...), but the Mets should trade Thor/Diaz/Lugo to the Braves!!! In return, the Mets get Ian Anderson, Kolby Allard, Bryce Willson, & Greyson Jenista. Mets get three MLB ready arms and a very nice OF prospect!
  6. Agree %1000 Acuna is the comp for me... in that, the "explosiveness" in every aspect of his game is on another level! The "it" factor just oozes when you watch him do anything on a diamond... offense and defensively. I feel that Acuna has a lil better hit tool, but the pure talent and aggressiveness can play just fine... think Javy Baez kinda development. All the talent, but took a couple years to learn to NOT give AB's away. The strikeout percentage doesn't matter as much in the big scheme so long as you maximize prime opportunities. Get those ribeye steaks when they are sitting there, and mentally change approach to a degree when you have two strikes. When a guy K's 30%+ in this current madness of baseball, who cares when he goes .285/100/35/100/20+...? It's just the way baseball has morphed, we no longer think about what his stats would have been if he cut the K's and hit .300 +, we just dig the counting stats. (Now I understand the correlation between high K players and success, let alone counting stats... but Robert is IMHO the kind of rare talent where it won't matter in the end. His ability to be surrounded by, to learn from all the other special young SOX hitters will be a plus. He won't be pressured to be the savior, he'll just have a chance to blossom into the perennial 1'st rounder I feel he will become! In short order mind you, ala Acuna/ J. Baez)
  7. I ❀️ his bulldog mentality and physical presence. He knows his stuff is nasty, and he just challenges hitters. Rare for guys to come right @ ya these days. Also, you can't underestimate the psychology behind "imposing bodied" pitchers that throw easy triple digits, and how it *uck* w/ your head as a hitter... compared to a "normal/average" sized guy. It's hard to explain, but those Tall/Hoss guys always made me get out of rhythm as a hitter, I'd overthink and try to be quick to the ball instead of a smooth "timing" kind of swing. Anyway, if he's over the intercostal strain for good, he's got the body type to support the "nasty" for 7+ innings every 5'th day! I'd say he's #1 in MiLB on pure "stuff" at this point, and there are some talented guys to compare to.
  8. AKA, "I can't poop coach! The cheese fondu was so good I just couldn't stop eating it!" Do we think he's being traded?
  9. Agreed, but Swanson shouldn't be the #2 guy IMHO... he's better at driving in runs, and w/ Acuna on a SB tear, Ozzie would be better served trying to put balls in play rather than swinging for RBI and HR production. He hit all those dingers last year on smooth swings and controlling the count in his favor. I also feel he will steal more bases in the 2 hole once (rarely) Freeman makes an out while he's on first. Acuna, Ozzie, Freeman is about as good as anyone in MLB (#1-3)
  10. I wasn't trying to scare, just that he overslid 2'nd base and came to an abrupt stop via Segura's shin... It was the kinda play older guys get hurt on, but alas... our super human Acuna seems like he will be fine. Thank God! (Kinda like a football "stinger" when you get your neck/shoulder tweaked in a collision.) Some deep tissue massages should fix him right up!
  11. The greatest player of all time stole his daily bag, and destroyed Segura... (Looked BAD, as Acuna's left shoulder hit Segura's left shin that was planted... almost like a dislocation kinda thing... BUUUUUTTTTT, Acuna is apparently half Chuck Noris so it was Segura who limped off the field and w/ any luck Acuna will get a lil shoulder rub and be aight!) He's on an absolute tear w/ the SB's, and very much in consideration for #1 overall if he's going to swipe 50+ bags for the next few years out of the leadoff spot!
  12. Calloway still has a job, no small feat, and sends Thor back out to give up 2 hits & a IBB... somehow wiggled out w/ out any ER, but was @ mid 90's pitches and facing the order for the third time down two runs. (I know the Mess BP is horrible, but when a guy is done he's done. Mikey is hot trash when it comes to pitchers.) Clueless.
  13. "solid as any"... I do not think he's the best, I wasn't attempting to rank him, just a comment on his outing that could have turned out differently. I don't care about his past as much as what he's been in 2019, and I believe he will be on many playoff bound teams. He passes the eyeball test as a closer for me.
  14. He was pretty unlucky yesterday. The home plate blue was calling balls 2" off the plate strikes, but Hendricks had multiple FB's heart of the plate @ the lowest part of zone called balls. He could have avoided the triple (and odd bounce off the wall that allowed the first run to score) w/ a K, and probably had the save and only one hit given up that inning. Granted, that's not what happened, but he was still nasty last night and received no help from the blue or his defense. IMHO, Hendricks is as solid as any closer going considering the apocalyptic nature of anyone who hurls baseballs in 2019.
  15. He's going 40/40 just to rub Trout's nose in it... yup, indubitably! Most exciting player in baseball... and best player in the game for the next 10 years.
  16. Feeling pretty proud about now!!! πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ... NAILED IT! πŸ€‘
  17. (600 AB Pace... as a RC) 300/ 105 / 21 / 75 / 27 He hasn't even shown his true speed yet. Between Lindor & J-Ram, he's got a very bright future!
  18. Anderson has the same problems as the other guys mentioned. All those Braves prospects are wild w/ high K totals. (Like you, I would trade Anderson...) I just don't think ATL will. He has been excellent of late w/ eye popping K totals, I'd like to see him up and see what we have, but if he's somehow traded... NOW or never! His stock is sky high, one of the top SP prospects around. He'd fetch a kings ransom.
  19. Vlad Jr. hits a dinger today... I can feel it! Then he get's really en fuego and carries us to the championships we rightly deserve.
  20. He's untouchable in any trade offers. Pache as well, but I worried about the Braves complacency in not moving a couple of their young SP's to fill huge holes... and as expected, the stars are no longer burning as bright. Tuki, Nuke, Wright, Wilson, Gohara, Allard... EACH and every one of those kids could have fetched a handsome return if AA and the brass had timed it right to make a move. Unfortunately, while they all still have varying degrees of desirability, the current returns would be diminished due to lackluster performances this year. That fact alone, makes Anderson (who's on fire but still has some BB concerns) a no brainer to remain w/ the Braves. Period. ATL knows these kids better than scouting organizations, and knows they can't count on 2/3's of the listed players to become foundational rotation guys like they'd once hoped. Like the stock market, top GM's know when to make deals. AA, considering the talent on offense, has failed mightily IMHO to move a few SP's that are so desirable in the current wasteland of available MLB pitchers. The glaring issues @ the back of the rotation along w/ the BP's nightly fiascos, the lack of a true closer... are inexcusable when you have the ammo to fix them instantly, AND STILL have one of the most stacked MiLB systems in baseball. Braves could win it all, start a damn dynasty... yet they continue to think and behave like a small/mid market team and disappoint the fanbase who deserves better. SMH.
  21. My BACKDOOR MAN!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much, I've looked for this GIF endlessly and couldn't find it. You da man... my man! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  22. No disrespect, but are you his dealer? How can you say that so matter of fact? I played ball w/ some freak athletes, and from what I've seen he's all legs. Ricky Henderson kinda lower half and really quick/strong hands.
  23. It's Jasson, but this kid is a switch hitting SS w/ serious power. Also (@ 16 years young mind you) would be the fastest guy in the MLB right now. So yeah, the #46 ranking seems legit from the video and scouting reports I've seen. Dynasty GOLD!!!!!!!
  24. Watch this kid swing, it's like he's trying to impersonate Mike Trout. It's uncanny. Sell? lol... This kid is EXACTLY why we play this silly game! All he does is rake, he's a RC who cost nothing, and given his park and surrounding cast he's as good a bet as anyone to provide insane value @ a position not known for power hitters. SMH, who in their right mind is selling?
  25. Vlad Jr. was nothing short of amazing today... 90-91 or whatever? Scoreboard can’t be trusted obviously, I mean it’s the peak of the computer age and all, but yeah... Alonso was legit! Happy for him and very cool to see him donate a big chunk to such a great cause! Betsy Ross is smiling down!