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  1. Lol, oh boy. Gotta be one in every crowd. How’d your bracket go my friend?
  2. So wtf? I would have had a perfect bracket on T-Mobile HR Derby Challenge is Joc didn’t get screwed over... can someone explain for my simple mind? He had 27, then hit 3 more... why didn’t he win 30-29? I had Alonso bearing Joc in finals, Vlad hitting most HR’s overall.
  3. Great chance for a peek @ this future 1'st round pick, along w/ all his diaper dandy pals. Game time in 45min, 4;00 PM (ET) Futures Game Robert wins MVP... double/HR/SB & great play on D... Gore makes people overpay willingly once they see him tonight... Jo Jo smokes balls all over the field, looks like a man amongst boys... Pache makes people feel like Anruw Jones has a son... Trammell's athleticism jumps off the page, he proves worthy of a call up... Wander shows good bat skills, but does nothing memorable... Deivi makes people run to the WW and see if he's available... Anderson overthrows, can't find zone other than a piped FB to Robert.
  4. Snit is like Bobby, only runs when the situation calls for it by and large. ATL team SB RANK last 10 years... (20'th, 11'th, 18'th, 16'th, 21'st, 16'th, 25'th, 18'th, 27'th, 27'th). Sucks because ATL has had numerous SB threats over the years, but players don't get the green light it seems.
  5. Bro, don't kill my vibe man! Don't efffff w/ the higher powers @ work here bud. lolz
  6. Traded Kimbrel for Thor... thought I'd pulled a fast one. Maybe "as fast" as possible to the bottom of the ERA standings. FML Pitcherpocalypse 2019 continues!
  7. Well... he screwed the pooch tonight, and Castillo due back soon.
  8. Ho-Hum... T. Rodgers w/ a 2.1IP, 5K save... clean and mean! Not a HIT or BB, an old school "Kimbrel XL" if you will. Luv's me some T. Rodgers!
  9. Too many pre game tacos! That spicy pork is ooohhh so good, but occasionally turns on ya! IDK what to say fellas, he's been bad bad. Maybe he will get the anti-jinx of the HR derby, and instead of it ruining his second half, it will bring him to the promised land! Long term he's fine, but I'd honestly be bailing in re-draft! Sad but true!
  10. Winner winner, get the man some chicken!
  11. Today was beyond pathetic. 11 Hits (most w/ two strikes), 5 ER (most by tail end of batting order), against the hapless Marlins who hadn't scored in 17INN. I have seen a pattern of him getting ahead of hitters, and not being able to put them away. The big sweeping curveball has lost it's surprise factor, not fooling guys anymore. ERA & WHIP have been steadily climbing for months, sadly Max belongs in the BP... end of story.
  12. And a 2 RBI single, his 11'th hit given up in 4 IP to a .150 #8 hitter on the effffing Marlins. Now 5 ER on the day and no win even though he was staked to a nice cushion early. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC MAX! Pathetic!
  13. Fried gives up hits w/ two strikes like "that's" THE WHOLE OBJECTIVE. Figures the hapless Marlins would light him up today. I may as well drop him for the sake of my Braves and the other owners. SMH, I give up. Drafting kickers next year.
  14. 82 MPH Changeup, right down Broadway... well that explains it. Come on Fried, you are turning into a JAG rather quickly. Not cool!
  15. Anyone watching ATL? Fried giving up meatballs and getting pounded like he's playing NYY... wtf? (6 hits and 2 HR's given up to guys that had a combined (7 HR's) in a whole seasons worth of AB's? seriously Max?)
  16. With Hader's violent delivery, he's the last guy I'd want pitching when something like a back problem is present. Could see some serious arm problems develop almost instantly if he were to try. Smart move by MIL.
  17. This is getting beyond weird. He’s a good kid, doesn’t seem to cause any problems, so I’m sure he’s well aware of his struggles. Please FBB Gods, shine some love on our boy today! (2 HR’s and a 4 knock day is all I’m “we’re” asking here... and a couple bags wouldn’t be horrible.) Thank you kindly, Us.
  18. I feel bad for you owners that don’t get the CBS love! This is some kind of special to own an amazing hitter like he is, and know that next year he will be even more valuable as a pitcher, and the hitting is just gravy. Is it only Yahoo that eff’s you and makes him (2) separate guys?
  19. Wisdom... gathered from experience! Touché.
  20. IMHO, this is blasphemy... Think of another young Pirate, he was very dynamic for many years, leads off for PHI now. Marte comps are lazy... there, I said it. (No offense DLB, but what you said is has been said numerous times.) This kid could MVP, not just be a bad average steals guy w/ some pop. This kid has an Acuna ceiling, he has an "it" factor Marte never had, nor ever will. Marte is a cheat as well.
  21. They really should! Considering they weren't supposed to be in it still, and the 25% + spike in attendance, why the hell not! Get Eloy to convince him that signing a new contract and having millions to play with is fun and never gets old! The only reason he's not up, is the extra years and club financial gains... so just rip him off like O. Albies and make that point mute. Seriously though, he doesn't need to be the face and savior like Vlad Jr., and IMO he'd do just fine in the MLB despite his youth and inexperience stateside. He's a phenom, and destroying MiLB pitching isn't going to push him to become what he's capable of.
  22. Pivetta or Yamamoto? Which one gets the axe, league scoring is very high K biased... weekly points format. (If Soriano wasn't hurt, I'd own neither currently, but either one I drop will be scooped up on a WW claim.) Thanks in advance fellas!
  23. Don't get me wrong, I think Bieber comps are in line. I do like the kid, just didn't get to own him while he was doing much better. I think he'll be fine, was just commenting that he was unlucky to have things go south today, and while it was his fault, it was fielding rather than pitching that did him in today. DJ Dan is his uncle, he's got that going for him too!
  24. Agree about the constant statements that lack anything that contributes. I try to keep comments to things I've seen, or things I've looked deeper into stats wise. Anywho, he's what I said earlier in the gamely thread. I've only had Plesac for today and his last torching, so I made a point to watch today. He was the cause of his own demise, not really his pitches per say, but other random BS... "Plesac just got saved by A. Cole who stranded three of his runners and three more ER, but Plesac caused all of this... all 3 charged ER. He kicks a ball that would have gone straight to 2'nd baseman for an out, then gets a bunt, doesn't throw home for some reason... but awkwardly underhands to 1'st baseman. How was that NOT an error on Bradley? It was like Bradley had an effing grenade thrown to him or something, he caught it and just started tap dancing for the base... just beyond laughable!!! Either way, the inning could have ended w/ a hit and a BB... NO RUNS. Could have been 3IP, 2 HITS, 1BB, ZERO ER... But of course not, cause this $hit ALWAYS happens to my pitchers and is usually of the wtf, beyond bizarro variety just like this! I give up, I'm drafting (9) kickers next year rather than pitchers, its much safer! "