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  1. Which translates to, “Guys, I get it and TRUST me I’m as confused as the rest of you... but for the sake of my job, I must toe the line and read the secret memo over and over till my boss says otherwise. Is my lip quivering? I’m struggling to keep a straight face and make eye contact... I’ll secret wink I’M SORRY in Morse code if it helps!”
  2. When you say $10, you mean ten dollars correct? Because after this year he’d be crazy to fight against any offer above twenty. Yeah, like everyone else, it’s dumfounding and the losses feel like they are going to haunt come seasons end. While MIL can hit, they don’t exactly have a plethora of pitching to be thinking like WAS was once upon a time when they sat Stras feeling they had a huge window of success to follow. MIL needs to seize the moment as that park, and lack of pitching both now and near future doesn’t bode well for any sustained success. Somebody’s getting fired if they don’t make the playoffs, and the talking heads and press at large will use this debauchery as an example in other articles, sound bites, and such for years to come. It’s one of the stranger things a team has done in some time if nothing else.
  3. Is it possible that MIL is trying desperately to trade Shaw, Perez, etc to clear the spot but nobody is biting knowing full well the losses are piling up and said players will be next to free soon enough? I’d think Shaw would be scooped in a second if released, as his previous years warrant a kick the tires if free from 1/2 of baseball.
  4. He was getting squeezed hard towards the end! Blue gave him an extra dose of RC treatment and Fried should have been a K! Period! (Mind you, this would have given him 5IP, TWO less BB, and changed his perceived outing immensely.) Still wasn't bad, but he got jobbed by the blue the last few innings and I'm rooting for the other team in a big way. Just keeping it real...
  5. All great insight Mexi... can’t argue the logic. I dunno, I own him and feel like he’s literally the guy I forget I have. Seem to not even notice him as I scroll down my hitters and see who did what on a given day honestly. He’s more or less a “replacement level” guy, and that’s a crime considering his lineup and spot in it! You’d think w/ his talent and pedigree, his proven success, he could sleep walk into great if not outstanding numbers across the board! But alas, he’s just “there”, the guy you see went 1-5 w/ a run when BOS wins 14-5. Don’t watch much BOS, but he can change his jersey name to “MEH” if this continues and nobody would notice.
  6. Agreed fully! Martinez makes the big bucks, had great success at the end of 2018, has a nasty slider (not sure if Gant does, but he didn’t use it if so when he took it on the chin Sunday night...) that makes people swing @ balls... when you add in that despite Miller’s career dominance, he’s been a shell of himself the last few years and for whatever reason (fireman) was always passed up when the need for a closer arose on his previous teams. It pointed to Martinez all along, but we speculate for a reason and saves being so hard to nail down this year, Martinez may wind up on a lot of championship teams! Get it done Carlos, we need you to do your thing now plz & thanks! 🔥
  7. Just about to say the same. I haven't seen much other than a SC highlight kinda thing but his #'s were excellent, tonight aside. I did see every pitch tonight and he throws hard but straight, got way too much plate w/ 2 strikes is what I noticed. Announcers said 31 pitches I believe, and would probably be unavailable for the next day or two. Anyway, seems like a prime opportunity for Martinez to even the odds providing Cards can actually score some runs and win a game or two. Haven't seen how Gant is used primarily, but 7 wins is legit and more indicative of being deployed in tight games when needed, aka the "fireman" role others have eluded to. Overall, I wasn't impressed honestly, but maybe just an off night, or no moxie given the 6-0 score when he entered the game? I dunno...
  8. This is true, and a pattern for many young SP’s... on ATL alone, Tuki, Nuke, Wright, Anderson, Folty (when in minors)... the similarity is they are all high K kinda guys capable of getting themselves out of trouble despite the walks, so the WHIP and ERA don’t reflect a “bad outing” as much as a pitch to contact guy’s #’s would.
  9. Hmmmnnnn, bewey bewey interesting! Could it be they will actually call Anderson up for the “let’s get his feet wet, give a couple starts till Nuke gets stretched out” kinda deal going on here? Then wow, Anderson has been impressive, let’s keep him in the rotation for now... that he never leaves. 🤫😁
  10. That’s a tough call, as Folty being demoted wasn’t really expected in the big picture. Yes, he’d struggled, but also showed signs he was moving beyond his injury and regaining form. Velo on the uptick, controlling walks, etc. Id guess it’s Nuke who gets the shot, as Wright has been horrible in AAA, Tuki has settled into a late relief role of a couple innings or more. If word breaks that Ian Anderson is getting a call, RUN to grab but that would be a miracle. Awesome as it may be.
  11. Hope you held onto him as stated... he’ll be fine, talent + opportunity usually prevails! Get hot kid!
  12. It’s been a 14 hour day, but I just read that totally wrong and giggled for a bit... I’m a sick puppy!!! 😁
  13. Us owners will get immense in a hurry if this is true! Lol (gigady gigady)
  14. Nobody knows man... but it’s provocative! (Pop culture humor)
  15. While true this year, and if Donaldson has found the magic again, if Riley keeps going nuts... look out!!! Last year was more of an anomaly. It took a career year from Markakis, Albies surge, Ender playing well, Camargo coming from obscurity and being super clutch... it was just a ton of things clicking somehow that weren’t expected by and large. Steady Freddie was the only real sure thing going into 2018, evident by Vegas’s really low over/under betting total for wins on the season. Braves bested that over by about 20 games and Vegas doesn’t miss very often!
  16. Good point, and I wonder w/ all the influx of young talent if the MLBPA will address and hopefully correct this in the future. It’s a shame to see these Uber talents waste away in the minors, while the GM has to spin it like a DJ during every interview. It parallels the BS rhetoric we get out of politicians on a regular. (Piss down your back and claim it’s raining kinda thing.)
  17. You are a Mod on the best hidden site in fantasy land, so yourself and all of us who frequent are certainly aware of him, have looked a lil deeper. Ive seen many articles on CBS of the other top prospects, but hardly a mention of Jo Jo. I guess is all relative, and Dynasty of course is a whole different ball of wax, but for the average guy in a keeper league... he may still be available given the lack of press. Anyway, curious on your take. I think he’s got a very high ceiling w/ minimal risk. May grow out of his speed rather quickly, but w/ the gain of upper level power.
  18. In the sense that his name was hardly mentioned here, let alone the web as a whole due to his injury. Now that he’s back, the flame is burning once again. I’d venture Robert/ Wander/ Mize etc... are owned @ a skewed % comparatively is all. Guy in my keeper league added Pache about a month ago. He’s not a Braves fan either. Between the two, who’d you rather have? Rhetorically speaking... Im not saying nobody has heard of him, rather if he’s unowned somehow, if he’s slipped through the cracks due to injury and his quick rise up the charts last year that may have gone unnoticed, grab him while you can!
  19. I feel people are sleeping on JoJo... which savvy owners can take advantage of. The buzz from the beginning of the year died off quick w/ the freak injury, and other than the hard working people in this MiLB section (THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH, YOU GUYS ARE EFFIN AWESOME!!!) who are well beyond "in the know", he's about to become the darling of prospects overnight. Guy is kinda huge for a speedy/toolsy OF, and seems to glide rather than max effort run. His size and balance allow him to mollywhop baseballs rather than a swing out of his shoes approach. I've been camped on him a long while (thanks to this site) and feel he will make an impact quickly when he gets the call. Angels are getting production currently from numerous guys they didn't expect to, and it's a blessing he's not being rushed given the time missed. 6 K's in 48 AB's as Flyman pointed out are a great sign of coachability and maturation. If he continues to work on what's not right, his pure ability will vault him into a star in no time. If you haven't, watch some of his videos! He looks the part in every way! He's a keeper... pun intended.
  20. The limited video I've seen, his incredibly quick rise through the minors, his body type and explosiveness... reminds me of another guy... Oh yeah, my second favorite player. He goes by the name of Ronald, and sabametrics (that very much have their place) are simply incapable of quantifying one thing! The "it" factor & eyeball test. Lord have mercy, Luis reeks of "it"!!!
  21. Kudos for manning up, (I'm now BFF w/ LarryDavid after a rocky start) and if Robles is available, grab him regardless of league dynamic. Even if he sits on your bench in a shallow league, if he catches fire (see Albies, Ozzie) he can erase his slow start in a week when prorated. Ideally, and I'm sure longingly by the manager and WAS brass... he slots into the 2 hole between Turner and Rendon on a team that loves to run! He is IMHO, the lotto ticket w/ the guaranteed power number correct. Grab that s--- out of the trash and waive it proud when the year ends. Maybe it's just this surge of incredible youth, but man have we all (guilty) become impatient w/ the development of blue chip prospects... let alone one's w/ proven success albeit SSS. This kid is going to ball out soon enough, if you don't have him active that's fine... but if you can stash him till then, in a world of no SB's... he could and should be the golden ticket soon enough.
  22. Ironically, Javy Baez (if Yellich didn't exist) would be all the rage for MVP... he wen't two months w/out a bump... (doesn't hang w/ my man Otis Nixon or Ron Washington apparently) Half empty, half full? Robles will be fine, he's a kid w/ proven pedigree, a solid body of work collectively given his age, and minimal to no ego. Guys like him battle through and figure it out! See Baez, Javy! (Kingery was signed for millions before playing in the Biggs, had a larger sample of suckage, and is all the rage currently... patience w/ the babies pays off!)
  23. 2 more bags and a CS in the last few days, which is actually a good thing! Run run run my man. And a couple more knocks in todays game, along w/ a sac bunt. (which managers love when executed!) I feel like once he settles in, gets comfortable w/ both the catchers arms, and the pitchers moves... the bags are going to come in bunches. For those that haven't looked, or don't realize, he’s got 209 MiLB stolen bases. That’s no joke, he’s even better than you think and just tapping into his power and potential. I’m smitten, he’s the sleeper of 2019 and most owners who don't have shares are going to say WTF by years end! Oscar for Prez 2020 lol ❤️❤️❤️
  24. On the other hand, sometimes you get an even better guy when it all evens out by years end. The year Justin Morneau went bonkers, it was 15/16’ths post ASB. Id had enough, and rage dropped him for whoever right as I left the house for a 4 day camping trip. This was when the internet wasn’t crazy fast, and connections would be bad from time to time. Anywho, I get a news paper (remember those?) on my way back to civilization and see that he had hit like 83 HR’s, driven in 314... in the previous 4 days! Im like mother F@&)@R!!! Get home and turn on computer, the screen says “something went wrong w/ transaction, would you like to try again?” I veeeeeeeeery carefully hit no, and since he was like $4, I kept him on the cheap for another 4-5 years durring his prime stretch! Thank you s---y internet, I owe ya one! 👍
  25. Keeper league (can keep 8)... I figured w/ E diaz & Yates on the cheap, Id just corner the saves market w/ another strike out master and kept J. LeClerc over... A. Rendon & Ohtani... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤫😥 Google Jose LeClerc and you will find a picture if a strikingly similar guy bagging groceries in France. No joke!