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  1. Robles is similar to Ozzie Albies in the fact that two weeks ago people were standing on the edge, yet one hot streak and he’s the NL ASG starter, putting up great (prorated) season numbers for his age/position, and all is forgiven let alone forgotten. Robles crushed (consistently) every level of the minors, he showed great as a kid last year in limited action, and while his funk is legitimate, his season numbers are not Votto level of stank by any means. He’s also a #8 hitter in the NL... that’s never good, (nor will it last when he heats up) see O. Albies!
  2. Fellatio Upton, the fools gold if there ever was!
  3. Agreed, own him but it’s keeper and my Braves and all... For others, I’d think you’d be hard pressed to get fair value currently, and I’d never sell low... he’s too talented! Ride it out hoping hit streak carries into ASB, then parlay his starting AS status! Timing is everything, but sellers beware!
  4. I’m not sure how “high” his relative value is currently. I mean yeah, he’s young and had a great season last year, but most of it was 1’st half... add in his slow start, and his “perceived” value may be lower than you might think for someone who doesn’t own him. I feel he could go bonkers if hitting in the right spot in the order, but that may never be the case. His speed disappears in the 7/8 hole, but he’s still a baby. It’s a tough call, but if someone is geeked about him and offering what you need, I’d probably entertain in non-Keeper/Dynasty leagues.
  5. Well said fellow fan, well said! All those years (14 consecutive Division tiles) we took playoffs for granted. How we didn’t luck into 3/4 rings given the three headed monster pitching staff I’ll never know... but it just feels different now! If we move a few SP prospects to fill the holes in the BP, we could be witnessing the birth of a dynasty! I believe that 100%! (Acuna & Albies ridiculous contracts might be the driving force of extra $ to fill needs for the next decade!) Exciting times! 😁
  6. I wish I could post a few pics I took of him from 10’ away the other day... he sticks out amongst the other players to say the least. Seriously, if he winds up the MVP and number one player... would it surprise you anymore? Yeah, not much to say about Ronald... looks like Gant, plays like Trout. Time will tell, but he may have left a couple hundred million (gulp) on the table? If he continues on this path, I’d hope the Braves make it right down the road somehow. Baseball is exciting again... so long as you don’t pitch that is! Acuna/ Albies/ Alonso/ Judge/ Eloy/ Alvarez/ Bellinger/ Mondesi/ Tattis Jr./ Vlad Jr... and so many more. It’s a renascence of sorts and it’s awesome!!!
  7. I grabbed Swazark yesterday reading the tea leaves, and unfortunately a lazy owner who checked out a month ago has Minter loitering on his bench. If both were available... I’d grab Minter. Two reasons, Minter has a successful track record in the role (shy of this year which he has a semi-valid explanation for losing), and more importantly, Snitker is one of the few managers who doesn’t pull punches, doesn’t go the “coach speak” route.. ever. His direct quotes to reporters speak volumes to me! He wants to see Minter succeed in that role, and another couple solid outings, or another Jackson BS, I’d more or less guarantee he gets his shot. Lastly, Minter himself said the demotion to AAA was humbling, that he’d more or less s--- the bed and deserved it. Not many guys are humble enough to admit that, and he’s inferred that he doesn’t take his recent promotion for granted. He’s always had the talent to be a closer, but said something like “guys were sitting on my inside fastball... I worked hard on my other pitches to counter that in Gwennet!” That’s good insight right there, that’s putting ego aside and correcting what’s wrong. Insight and honesty are powerful tools! 👍
  8. Well, it’s Cleveland and Lebron left, so yeah. Browns are all the rage in a paradoxical conundrum, so... 🤯
  9. Agreed! 100%, and you won’t find another on this board that lives/eats/sleeps Braves like myself! I ran home home from elementary school to watch He-Man @ 3:05, then the Braves shortly after on TBS. Been a religious daily fan since my Braves were the perennial laughing stock and ESPN didn’t exist. If I’m good for anything around here, it’s my takes on the Braves and Reno Aces AAA squad or opponents I see live. I played college on a scholarship, I pitched and played SS/CF on my off days. I know and ❤️ this silly game! 😎🇺🇸
  10. As I said before, Snitker is very loyal like Bobby Cox was to his guys... buuuutttt, Jackson only assumed the role due to Viz’s injury, and Minters implosion. That said, Jackson has SIX blown saves, (not all of which have come as closer) and his last was a heartbreaker. I added Swarzack, but there were some interesting quotes in an AGJ article from yesterday that lead me to believe Minter will get another chance. Don’t have link, but gist was, “That was the best I’d seen him since spring”... “He looked like his old self. The velocity ticked up, cutter was good. It’s the best he’s looked since we started in February.” Now extract what you will, but Jackson has never been spoken about as a closer till he became one, Minter was actually damn good last year shy of injuries, and was in a car wreck in spring training that was alluded to in the article. Snitker knows how good this team is, also knows how bad the pen is... my gut says Swazark gets next chance, but Minter’s K of Bryce Harper in a seven pitch battle Saturday, along w/ his follow up comments... those things stick in a managers mind. Confused yet? (41/39/20 IMHO for Swazark/Minter/Jackson) going forward.
  11. Imagine if Donaldson/ Albies / Markakis / Ender / had actually hit in front of him when he was cleanup! Can’t tell you how many times I saw him start an inning when he was in the 4 hole. He’d have 20+ more RBI’s and probably still be hitting there. All for the best, but despite Dansby’s good showing in the two hole, I feel Ozzie should lead off, Acuna 2, Freddie, Riley, Donaldson/ Dansby ... then whatevs... would be ideal until Pache is ready to permanently hit leadoff and send everyone down a spot. I know Freddie loves the 3 spot, so Ozzie slides back to 5/6, but hate him hitting in the 7-8 spot and not running.
  12. I own the kid and have no worries, but its a keeper league and I've got time. While I don't follow TOR closely, I've read enough comments to believe the manager is in over his head, the hitting coach seems to suck given the teams overall numbers, yada yada. While I'm not remotely concerned w/ Vladdy, I am concerned that this inferred "ineptness" overall from the coaching staff will be detrimental to all the quality youth currently on the team and in their near future. The entire starting lineup is crazy young, and a group failure (for whatever reason) is directly and indirectly tied to Vladdy's success. We've all seen talented players fail when the star feels he must carry the team, hit a 6 run homer on every pitch. Hitting is contagious, both good and bad. I played enough ball to know it wasn't worth putting on the batting gloves and getting mentally prepared when I was in the hole w/ 2 outs, and there was no way I'd get my chance that inning. On the flip, I've been on teams that were exceptionally coached and I've lead off an inning, scored, and knew damn well I'd be hitting again before needing my glove. I don't think of TOR in the (MIA/BAL) level of suckage, but there is certainly an advantage to a blue chip stud being promoted to a quality team. Y. Alvarez for example will get a huge boost from his surrounding cast, and have minimal pressure compared to Vlad Jr. Guess it's time to evaluate that reality a lil more w/ hitters, when historically, I've only really thought about it w/ RC SP's. IE, Vladdy seems to be the equivalent of a top SP who's been promoted to COL... as good as he may be, it's Coors Field and that's just reality.
  13. Babies bro, babies. Multiple pairs of Jordans... no qualms.
  14. That’s a good way to put it... “lean”. He’s got wiry strength and is tall enough to get good leverage. Most guys who’ve put up huge MiLB SB’s fit the shorter/skinny profile and routinely bring one category to the table. Hamilton, Dyson, M. Smith, Gordon, Etc... you know what your going to get, SB’s. You pay a premium for their rarity, and pray they don’t kill you in other categories, let alone not hit enough to stay atop, or even in the lineup daily. I’m a believer, I’ve watched a ton of his AB’s, and I feel if things break right, we’re talking Turner/Mondesi/Merifield “light” kinda player. A guy who at years end puts up very respectable counting stats, and contends annually for the SB crown. He’s no Punch and Judy slapper, he hits the ball hard!
  15. I get your point, but to not be overly semantical, the “excitement” is a lil more for Tattis Jr., given he should very well be in AAA still. His surprise promotion (probably bad for SD, but refreshing to see from a fantasy owner and fans prospective) was a (wtf) moment, and he’s done literally everything he could to more than justify it! That said, there are probably 30 guys in the running for “most exciting”, and that in and of itself is great for the game we all love! Baseball’s willingness to get it’s future studs up quickly has piqued interest when it needed it most. The #’s vs. Football and Basketball have been kinda sad, glad to see the rebound. Apparently, they took “Chick’s dig the long ball” very seriously.
  16. Other than SB's, (which come in bunches for him) he's on the exact pace as last year basically @ the halfway mark. Shy of yesterday, no posts on Javy B in TWO MONTHS! Crazy that he put it all together last year, and now it's just ho-hum Javy. Dude's silently beastin again, and if he ever becomes more selective could boost his #'s a good 15-20%. That's MVP land from a middle infielder
  17. Ryu has been impressive. Baez had every reason to be pissed about that 3-2 K looking, but another incredible outing for Ryu. He's the NL starter in AllStar game w/out a doubt after this performance. Nice job Ryu!
  18. Couldn't agree more! Sad I have no shares, but watching the interview the other day before the game, just WOW. Kid TOTALY gets "it"!!! Humble, hungry, well spoken, super appreciative of the priceless time growing up on the field w/ his dad, his daily talks w/ his dad... I'm twice as excited now to see he won't go the route of another guy right next to him who has similar talent, but apparently more love for himself and bank account than baseball's legacy. He and Acuna are just 🔥!!! Must see TV on every AB. Baseball and it's recent wave of premium young talent is getting exciting again. Crazy juiced balls don't hurt either I guess...
  19. I sat front row in SF the other day (basically in the dugout next to camera guy) and this kid is beyond special! He looks like less jacked Ronny Gant, just a disgusting display of muscle and explosive potential. I personally feel he sold himself short, but contract aside, having him locked up and not playing for dollars isn't a bad thing for the Braves or fantasy owners alike. He is IMHO, the closest thing to Trout we have going. He is capable of taking over a game on both ends, and like Trout, genuinely seems to play for the love of the game. I luckily own him in both Keeper Roto & Dynasty, but if I didn't, I'd trade the wife and baby's shoes to get him! Kid is going to do very special things, going to win awards and justify his top player (1-5) annual selection in all formats! He is incredibly fun to own, and I'd assume it would be hard to root against him if you don't? I love my Braves and I'm admittedly jaded, but for honesty sake... Albies was a lil arrogant $hit. His pre game antics, his blowing off of fans (he was the only one), and just overall vibe was a lil off-putting. I'm glad to see him heat up recently, but he needs to learn from Acuna how to be a better representative of the game. p.s. Had an amazing conversation w/ Charlie Culberson, the nicest and most genuinely humble ball player I've ever spoken with. I'd like to see him get a full time gig somewhere as he's a damn good player, Braves are lucky to have him as a luxury off the bench.
  20. Nothing, his profile is exquisite. I guess it's just odd that the most hyped guy in all of the MilB is a "smallish" 2B that's in A+. I mean it's great to have incredible ability to not strike out, and his contact skills in general have been ridiculous, but for standard leagues that don't value walks... you usually see the Herculean HR guys, or 5 tool talents of the Trout body type as coveted player worth the early buy in at a future expense. I'm not trying to get hung up on his size, seems strong enough and strong wrists got Hank Aaron the record more than his size, but is J. Beaz his kinda ceiling? Or is he more the BA leader as a #2 hole kinda guy w/ a good AVG, plenty of runs, and decent HR/RBI/SB? Guys that never K are rare, and very helpful in certain formats... but when it seems you can yearly find a La Stella, Merifield, Etc... that just magical show up if your looking, is Wander being seen in the "Trout/Harper/Vlad Jr." kind of regard? Or is he just so can't miss as a great player (maybe real more than fantasy) that everyone is so geeked?
  21. Not sure what you have going, but I'd love to have both personally. Robles has been in a lil funk, but his body of work, pedigree, and eyeball test are what championships are made from. Patience.
  22. Calloway has got to be the worst manager in baseball... lets bring in a guy w/ a 12 ERA, and a 3+ WHIP...(yes you read that right) to face the heart of the STL order in a tie game, at home, 8'th INN... on Fathers Day. Just wow, Muts have to be the worst run "major" market team in all of sport! p.s. Larry Chip made you his bit@h his entire career, just sayin
  23. As someone who follows ATL daily, I feel like Jackson's days are numbered... the blown save last night was a heartbreaker! Could have swept our rivals and really broke their spirit, especially considering Friday night's miracle. (Thanks in huge part to Jay Bruce having as much range as Bernie from weekend @...) I've added Swarzak myself, as Jackson was never groomed to be the closer, he had simply been excelling in the role and Snit, like Bobby C, is rather loyal and resistant to change when things settle into place. I still can't believe we didn't sign Kimbrel, but whatever. Look for ATL to sign someone by the deadline to close, and if they're smart, trade one of our 763 amazing young starters for some BP help we so desperately need! Go Braves 🤘🤘🤘
  24. I haven't been more excited about a true speed guy in a loooong time!!! Someone said he was a "twig", umm not even close. Most "twig" SB guys are the Gordon, Dyson, etc... Oscar is a man child comparatively, has tons of room to grow into his frame (@ the detriment of SB's, so plz don't do that kid...), and has legit power unlike most "speed" labeled players. I saw an oppo taco he hit not long ago that made me rewind and watch multiple times. It was just a smooth swing in a clutch moment that carried well over the fence... it was beautiful! Lastly, dude has been nothing but clutch, he's thrived in big moments that normally are too much for young guys. IMHO, the speed is about to come in a big way, like 5-6 bags in a week... since he's yet to really start stealing bags (2 in last couple days, but only 4 total) you still might have a window to scoop him from an owner less savvy. I absolutely love this kid, and hitting in the #2 hole behind the best SS in baseball never hurts! BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!