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  1. Yes, exactly...some of us are forced to start him (confidently): 16-Team - Melvin Gordon (Bye) - Marlon Mack (@#$*#@ Broken HAND!) - Kenyan Drake (Bye) - Adrian Peterson (snaps snapped with Guice) BO Knows RB1 status (due to circumstances), along with Brian Hill RB2. Good Times.
  2. I'm pretty sure that Mack TD was one of the best runs of the year.
  3. AP gets a TD tonight. ....even with no ankles.
  4. As a Tyreek owner and the unfortunate sufferer of this awful injury multiple times...I wrote the following in the Game Thread:
  5. I have intimate details about dislocated kneecaps (4-Time Sufferer) -Freshman Year Soccer -- by far the worst pain I've ever felt -- excruciating pain -- kneecap was stuck behind the knee, stretching/straining the ligaments until doctors at the hospital were about to pop it back in after being loaded up on what seemed like every drug (with a little over a month of extensive rehab everyday I was ready for winter basketball season) -Junior Year Soccer -- Summer Workouts (End of Aug) -- again stuck behind the knee -- made it back towards the end of the season (End of Oct) for it to only pop out (stuck) again. Good Times. - Junior Year Baseball -- Inside pitch hit directly on the side of my knee and it popped out, but for the first time popped back in instantly (out for about a Week and a half) Senior year and college baseball - along with the rest of my life - it's thankfully never happened again -- it is however always in the back of my mind. Sucks for Mahomes -- if no ligament damage probably looking at about 3-4 Weeks (month). Pray for no ligament damage.
  6. Terry McLaurin scored a TD in every game played in his NFL career. (just wanted to say that with the high likelihood he doesn't today vs. NE.) BUT, IF somehow he does......
  7. Flier?? Diontae is in the line-up -- (as Flex in a 16T -- Tyreek/McLourin owner) Hoping to see him make that jump tonight on the national stage with Mason -- we started to see the connection last week. Prediction: 6 Targets, 4-58 Hoping for: 8 Targets, 7-116-1
  8. Believe he's on the verge of breaking out -- like him better than all those other options
  9. I think we are on the verge of seeing Irv Smith Jr. jump Rudolph -- led the team in receiving yards (while also having another 22yr catch called back on penalty) with the increase in snap count this past week. Believe this continues as we progress through the season -- makes for a good add for teams scrapping the bottom of the TE-barrel. Available in 99% of leagues
  10. So what do people expect ROS? [...] Is he coming back before the bye? after the bye? Not this year? Does Allen run with the job majority of the season? [...]
  11. Ok, so most expectations tonight for McLaurin against a difficult matchup versus Chicago should rightfully be low... ....BUT, if..... 📈🚀
  12. Matching first two weeks worth of production on one-less target.... Weeks 1/2: 13-133, 15 Targets - 6 1st Downs Today: 13-134, 14 Targets - 7 1st Downs Incredible