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  1. Cats Roto leagues, some DND guys at their ADPs: The Brow - Unless he falls to 6 overall. Every trip to the locker room he takes, and he will take many, has you feeling stomach-sick. Westy - A drag in both FG% and FT% Mitch Rob - Elite BLKs, pretty mediocre elsewhere and plays for the Knicks, not enough value where he is being taken IMO Porzingis - He is going to rest a lot, and that´s if he manages to stay healthy. As being pointed out, at some point EVERYONE has value, so a hard DND player doesn´t exist on my board.
  2. You did good, that's a BS trade any way you slice it, a common theme with free leagues, next time make them pony up at least $20 so they think it twice over their childish rage-quiting.
  3. The lowest of blows in an auction, it could END a team right there during the draft, a couple of years back there was a J. Jones WR from the Falcons that was not Julio and last year in basketball S.Curry... SETH Curry who even looks like Stephen, I saw both work in auction money leagues (sadly).
  4. That feeling when you left Arenado on the bench (he rested yesterday and I forgot to put him back in Today).
  5. OK, did a quick search and didn't find Bunt Cakes, is he still here? Anyway, I hope Bunt Cakes or anybody else from Yahoo could help me out. It seems there is a problem with starting a new Yahoo Pro League (Roto-20), it's been at least 3 weeks and as many as 4 o 5 leagues, that we have come up to 11 teams and we get stranded there, never getting the 12th team to get the league running. Happening once is very conceivable, but 4 times happening the same thing sounds like a trend, might there be a glitch on the teams allocation? Usually it fills briskly, from 5 to 11 teams, from a day before the draft until reaches 11 and stays there, sometimes for more than a half a day. Today one owner reported that he invited a friend to join and said that that guy was allocated to a new league, same settings, same draft time... he was the only player in that new league. Edit: Nevermind about Bunt Cakes, his last post was almost a year ago.
  6. Yes, Yahoo Pro Leagues are still running, along with free, public leagues.
  7. Rockies purchased the contract of RHP Eddie Butler from Double-A Tulsa. Butler will make his major league debut on Friday at home versus the Rockies. Ranked by Baseball America before the season as the No. 24 prospect in the game, Butler boasts a 2.05 ERA and 238/84 K/BB ratio over 286 professional innings. He struck out only 40 over 68 2/3 Double-A frames this season but has put up a 2.49 ERA and 1.18 WHIP. The righty is worth a shot in all fantasy formats. * Props to Doctor L with the find.
  8. Melky Cabrera left Wednesday's game against the Royals with a bruised shin. Cabrera was hit in the shin by a Yordano Ventura pitch during Wednesday's sixth inning, and he was immediately replaced by pinch runner Jonathan Diaz. X-rays came back negative for a fracture, so it's just a day-to-day injury. He's likely to get the day off in Thursday's series finale against the Royals. Ace Ventura and Melky owners know it was Danny Duffy who threw that pitch.