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  1. Philly D to outscore Alshon by 70+. f--- fantasy football.
  2. I cannot believe how completely dumb the Lions are. What is the point of this? "The season is lost so let's bring back our injury-prone RB from injured-reserve for absolutely no reason instead of continuing to see what we have in this young guy that we got for free and might actually be good." GREAT idea.
  3. Ebron done for the season, how much does this boost Doyle's stock? Into the TE1 mix?
  4. Logically, yes, this makes perfect sense. It's what you and I would do. The problem is, this is the Redskins R-Words, and logic does not apply. Callahan could very well ride AP into the dirt simply because he's the vet in the RB room and Guice isn't. I hope I'm wrong, but am I going to bet my fantasy season on it? Ehhh...
  5. Don't get me wrong, I've got Guice sitting on my bench and a burning hole in my flex spot. As a diehard Lions fan who has suffered through every snap on defense all year I know how juicy this matchup is. I want nothing more than AP to be ruled out. I'm just saying, you can look through the injury reports yourself, this is par for the course for AP all year. I'm tempering expectations at least until he misses practice tomorrow.
  6. I have little doubt that he has some sort of nagging injury, sure. He's older than dirt in NFL terms and has been playing all season, it's to be expected that he's less than 100%. Do I believe it is something that would truly hold him out of practice? No, he's a vet and gets vet rest days just like any 30+ year old RB should.
  7. AP has missed practice 1-2 days a week all year. Nothing to see here until he is actually declared inactive. THEN it's real.
  8. Thanks, good point, I did not know what. I probably should since I was there. Problem is, you need to drink about 15 beers to get through a Lions game nowadays.
  9. 2020 DND or 2020 good value? 👀 You be the judge.
  10. Tough to predict this upcoming matchup. Detroit's defense is doo doo butter. But if Slay shadows him, I want no part of it. Case and point, Dallas receivers vs Detroit last week: Gallup 9/148/0, Cobb 4/115/1, Cooper 3/38/0 Guess which receiver Slay was following?
  11. Also just noticed it's the ominous "West-coast-team-traveling-east-for-a-1-PM-start" game Aaaaaand I'm back in!
  12. This guy is absolutely saving my season after a couple failed draft picks at QB. With that said, looking at Denver's numbers against opposing QB, I am scared to death for next week. Who is starting him?