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  1. TDs too flukey to expect he gets one every week, though. He wasn't getting the targets/recs/yards. I think he gets a bump across the board with Tua.
  2. Is he a buy with the upcoming switch to Tua?
  3. Good buy low right now, even coming off of a big game.
  4. He got gameplanned out, but still, expected at least a couple catches. That was bad.
  5. Uhhhhh did you just accidentally come up with D'Andre's new nickname? D'Andre "Fire Triangle" Swift 🔥
  6. He's on fire. Stock is on the rise. Arrow pointing up.
  7. Come on, Mecole. Do that thing you do. I need it.
  8. Just need a casual 60 from Hill/Diggs/Hardman/Greg I honestly have no idea what to expect. My only saving grace is that this league gives bonus points for TDs of 40+ yards which plays to the strength of my receivers.
  9. It's absolutely mind boggling that he doesn't have more catches. I don't really mind the low ground output because, let's be honest, he's on a pretty bad team. BUT he should be a LOCK for 4 recs/40 yards every week with potential for way more. I just don't get it.
  10. Lions fan checking in! Sorry but unfortunately I have not much insight to contribute. I'm just as confused as the rest of you. Before the season I thought he as a lock for a 4 rec/50 yard floor with 100 yard/TD upside weekly. Obviously that's not he case, but Marvin is absolutely still an above average receiver. He is a great team guy and still has good relationship with Stafford. He actually led all Lions receivers in snaps yesterday - more than Kenny G. So, whoever mentioned locker room issue, intentional phase out, I don't think any of those theories hold water. They're just spreading the ball around a lot, and for some reason the offense is having trouble hitting it's stride this year. I have noticed he's had a few drops, and as a guy with supreme hands, it's uncharacteristic and I think he will correct that. Are better games ahead? Yes. Is he going to be a consistent every-week contributor? We have our answer, he's not. I don't advise running to the WW just to dump him, but I certainly understand managers who may have to cut him out of necessity due to bye, injury, etc.
  11. Yesterday was an easy pick for a breakout game. The real question is will he run with it and take over, or will we go back to the same old same old fantasy wasteland backfield.
  12. I'm sorry that you were wrong in the preseason. It happens. But, you were wrong. It's okay.
  13. My cousin's fiance told me that Bell's favorite lunch is a good lobster roll. Bell to NE confirmed.
  14. I'm still happy to have him on my team, and I'm not complaining, but this was supposed to be his big "sell high" window. That game did not help. Luckily the Lions can stop no one (diehard homer fan here), so his stock is going to shoot right back up. 📈🔼