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  1. How many spots left comrade? And may I ask, would I be able even operate a FanTrax account being a resident of AZ?
  2. He’s a notoriously slow starter especially after being away from team activities. The delusion in this thread is palpable.
  3. Right, funny how he wants to invoke occam’s razor and then in the same breath offers his own conjecture on what HE believes to be most likeliest outcome. Never change RW forums, never change...
  4. Simple: Carlos Hyde: f--- no. Nick Chubb: All the Nick Chubb.
  5. Fantasy. Isn’t. Difficult. At least it doesn’t have to be this difficult. The lengths some go to talk themselves out of a virtual top-8 WR1 lock irregardless of format is fascinating to witness. Contrarian to a fault.
  6. That "they" you speak of is Matt Kelley, creater of PlayerProfiler. Noted Kareem Hunt detractor. He spent a good part of the year leading up to and through the fantasy draft season criticizing Kareem Hunt and Dalvin Cook. Kelley isn't a bad analyst, he just makes some God awful takes. He's addicted to SPARQ freaks who dominated in college and broke out at a young age, that's his brand, that's his bread and butter. He ignores nuance and it often bites him in the a**. So no, "they" didn't compare Hunt to Crowell. Nobody save for Kelley EVER made such an inane comparison.
  7. Yes Panthers trainer Ryan Vermillion confirmed it.
  8. I need Julio Jones to come down with explosive, projectile diarrhea that is otherwise benign beyond tonight but keeps him out of this game.
  9. Eh, I mean its been two weeks. Anyone who drafted him and expected him to be a high-end WR2 or something off the bat and not expect growing pains, well they need to curb their enthusiasm, word to the young gawd Larry David.
  10. I hated the sewer line Zuerlien hype train but Younghoe seems Koo. I'll see myself out.
  11. Curious, what's your projection for Cooks in that one? ?
  12. For 2016? None. Since as far as I know he doesn't have access to a time machine. This could be his best game ever, but all I'm saying is that over a season, I believe he will average RB1 production. As far as trades go that's for the AC forum.