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  1. Did you read the article? He says "I’m not gonna put a timetable on myself and say it’s three weeks or four weeks or if it’s just one week."
  2. Still no Jamaal williams at practice.
  3. Great analysis of the 3rd & goal play here. If Rodgers didn't predetermine the RPO, Jones scores.
  4. Eliminated out of contention by less than 2 points last week...destroyed every team in points this week!
  5. Nope, I'm in 1.0 ppr -- the 2pt didnt help...on to 2019!
  6. F my last minute tinkering, I've cost myself at least 2 games with last minute swaps that blow up in my face.
  7. I think most were expecting at least 100 total yards and a score. I saw his ECR on fantasypros was #9 in PPR. I think people started him over some legit options, but thats the game we play.
  8. Philbin said this after the Redskins game which was Jones' first game back from suspension: “Yeah, that was really my first legitimate exposure (to him) in a regular game,” Philbin said. “Really liked some of the things he did. He’s definitely got some explosiveness, some twitch, some playmaking ability. A couple of runs where he made some things happen just on his own. That’s something that you need as an offense. “You certainly devise, design plays and hope that they work and get your playmakers in some spaces with some opportunities, and certainly you have some of those, but man it really helps if the players can make a guy miss. Make a couple guys miss like he did.” source:
  9. Less than 21 ppr from Golden Tate -- but of course this will be his blowup game
  10. that could clear up some work for Humphries
  11. At the tone the time will be 4:00.........beeeeeeeep
  12. HAHAHA, Rap has been the worst on this one. His "sources" have been garbage.
  13. Her source is inside the front office...take with a grain of salt