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  1. Jacobs to the bench this week! At least I have the Tampa defense...🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. I think Brees has missed his #1 option & it’s been obvious. The Saints offense will hit its stride very quickly when Thomas returns because Brees has been forced to get familiar with the other secondary receiving options. The “buy low” window will slam shut as soon as he finishes his 1st game with 8-90 & maybe a TD. I’m just more concerned about WHEN he returns because of this new hamstring issue & the speculation of attitude problems
  3. I looked on the Week 6 Injury Thread & the time stamp of the tweet announcing he was Q to return should’ve been somewhere late 1st half. If I remember correctly he had about 9 carries at that point & he ended with 18
  4. Since Mixon finished the game, starting to think it’s something small enough to be misdiagnosed so they’re double-checking. Maybe they’re trying to see if it’s something that can’t get worse by playing, then it’s a pain tolerance issue?
  5. He did go back into the game with Adrenalin flowing, but the next day I’m sure he had some soreness. Wednesdays off for players at his position isn’t uncommon. But it’s kinda strange that they haven’t commented on the MRI yet. Makes me wonder if they didn’t like the 1st diagnosis & going for a 2nd opinion? Not a Mixon owner (anymore) so just offering my $0.02 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Well, just jumped on this train! [...] The concerns about Brees are overblown since his all-world WR had been out. Now that Sanders has established himself on the other side & Kamara is himself again, I think this offense kicks into high gear. Even only playing in 11 games I can see Thomas ending up with 80-1000-8.
  7. I opened with a Robinson/Higgins combo. We’ll see...
  8. Sorry... .5 PPR, he’s 1-5, I’m 3-3 His WR’s are killing him...PWilliams, Kupp, Tate, Renfrow, Landry, Hollywood
  9. I currently have Robinson, Cooper, Williams, Crowder, Fulgham, Higgins, & Davis (on IR-Covid) Which 2 is a fair deal?
  10. I still think Dalton can perform with this offense, here’s why: 1) They’re gonna figure out what plays & what receivers he has confidence in, then tailor the game plan to that. They went into last night trying to ease him in with a conservative game plan with all the low-risk short throws early 2) They should eliminate a lot of the deep drops & longer developing plays now that the o-line has been depleted by injury. The receivers also need to recognize blitzes better & go to their hot routes. Dalton seemed crisper when he had quicker RAC plays 3) How often is Zeke gonna fumble in the 1st quarter twice deep in their own territory? That really screwed their game plan early & the ARI defense went on the attack with the blitz 4) Don’t forget that Dalton also probably hasn’t had a lot of practice reps with the 1st team due to the dumpster fire that is 2020. He’s not Dak, so they are learning on the fly how to adapt from his type of game to Dalton’s
  11. Cooper looked fine out there, especially when the play was designed for him to get the ball quickly. Dalton better figure out quickly that Gallup should be behind Cooper & Lamb in target share
  12. I don’t think Fulgham is going anywhere. He sets up everywhere & gets targets all over the field...left, right, short, deep, sidelines, crossers. He’s proven himself & Wentz has confidence in him. Adam Caplan recently reported Fulgham will be the starting X ROS. I bet he kicks into the slot when Jackson & Jeffery return. Don’t be surprised if he ends up the target leader on this offense at the end of the year
  13. What "underlying numbers"? They tried to start the game with a simplified playbook to break him in. Zeke fumbles twice & the defense sucks so they're down 20-0 fast. Forced to drop back behind a weak o-line & ARI blitzed A LOT. Yes, he made some poor throws. He also made some good ones that were dropped. It was a team effort to lose this bad & they can only improve. Nobody has compared him to Dak, but with those weapons surrounding him Dalton could be decent with some blocking adjustments & a better game plan