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  1. Brady's ability to read a defense, with a set of receivers that rivals the best he's ever had, is gonna equal a really great season. I don't see how he doesn't throw 35 TD's & 4500 yds
  2. So Brady has to be back in the overall top 5 for QB rankings now, doesn’t he? I could see him as a 4th/5th round pick, or in my auction leagues going for around $20-30
  3. FFS...can we please stop talking about this clown? 2013 is OVER & he’s never going to be someone a team relies on to be anything more than a 3rd WR. He had Million-Dollar talent with a 10-Cent head
  4. KC’s Eric Fisher #72 with the Stone Cold Steve Austin TD celebration there! Outstanding!!! 😄
  5. The fat lady is warming up already... Texans D is gassed & totally bewildered at this point. Scary how this game changed so quickly!
  6. Texans went into not-to-lose mode on their last drive where they went 3 & out, then into idiot mode on the fake punt. Now they just let the Chiefs back into it because they can’t cover Kelce. I just hope they don’t completely fall apart now Edit: Falling apart currently in progress 🤦‍♂️
  7. With the injuries to their RB's & his late-season development, I can see him exploding next year. Definitely one of my targets as a WR2 or WR3
  8. He’s apparently not allowed on the field with less than 5 minutes left in the half
  9. Renfrow is going to be a big part of this Raider offense next year. Took him some time, but he’s really earned Carr’s trust
  10. I have Washington & Waller on one side, Allen on the other. Gotten damn near nothing
  11. So much for Mostert earning 1st string touches...😡
  12. Okung certainly didn’t put up much of an effort to stop that fumble return. Looked like he flopped when the Viking pushed him
  13. FYI...Jacobs aggravated his shoulder after a 5 yd carry with about 2:30 left in the half. Didn’t stop the game but he was grimacing as he walked off. Wasn’t in on 2nd or 3rd down. Not sure how much more he’s gonna take today
  14. He’s back in after 3-4 plays off