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  1. The correlation is saying they're good as long as you ignore their primary downsides, which happen to have a fairly decent sample size of occurring.
  2. Not saying Carson will lose the starter's job, but saying that you're not concerned about Carson as long as he's healthy and not fumbling is basically the same as saying you weren't worried about Josh Gordon for the last 5 years as long as he stays away from drugs.
  3. Paired with Aaron Rodgers = MrRodgersChubb for me.
  4. It's a bummer because the season is over and not as many people will read your post, but that's fantastic information and I really appreciate the follow-up!
  5. Is it an advantage? Technically yes, for the reasons already mentioned above. That being said, it's also an advantage to have a job with more lax internet policies than your league-mates, an advantage if you have league-mates who go to church on Sundays when you don't, an advantage if you have league-mates who have to travel for work and you don't... etc... Point being that even though these are advantages, they're not glaringly large enough to significantly alter the balance of power, and in this case I wouldn't consider it an "unfair" advantage, unless you can force your entire league to do nothing but play fantasy football in a giant glass box for 16 weeks (reality TV show idea?).
  6. Not claiming that it is going to happen (and I hope it doesn't, because I played Chubb and need the 100-yard bonus to stay), but you can go back a couple pages and see that he was credited for losing 2 yards on his final carry, where in reality he lost somewhere closer to ~2.5. You can also look at the official ESPN game log, and it shows that on the play in question the line of scrimmage was the 10-yard line, and that he lost 2 yards (which would mean that Denver would take over at the 12). However, on Denver's first play of the ensuing drive, they show them starting on the 13-yard line, which would imply that Chubb lost more than 2 yards. For what it's worth, the official Yahoo game log has the ensuing Broncos' driving starting at the 12, so there's reason to argue that it won't get changed as well.
  7. I like to imagine a Rocky montage where Odell fights his way to the kitchen, struggles to open the child safety lid, then finally pops 2 ibuprofen in a gruesome battle to "work his way back" from this terrible, terrible bruise.
  8. Need Kamara to score less than 31.5 in PPR. Odds are probably in my favor, but going to be uncomfortable until it's over.
  9. I'm hoping your right, I played Chubb and get a bonus at 100 yards. In the image above though that's as far forward as he gets on the play, after that he gets pulled backward.
  10. I'm worried about this, at very best he was at a 2.5 yard loss even with forward progress. 10 yard line was the LoS in the image below.
  11. ˙uoʍ slǝnɯɐS ɹoɟ ɯᴉɐlɔ ɹǝʌᴉɐʍ sᴉɥ ʇɐɥʇ spoƃ ʎsɐʇuɐɟ ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉʞuɐɥʇ s,ǝɥ pᴉɐs ɹǝpᴉsuᴉ ɥƃɹnqsʇʇᴉԀ ɹǝɯɹoɟ ∀
  12. The "lie" that he probably told KC brass was that there was no way something would come out of this that would cause negative backlash/distractions. KC easily could have seen the video earlier if they wanted to, as could the NFL. If you read the reports neither group ever was in contact with the hotel, so both were perfectly fine burying their heads in the sand as long as nothing bad came out of it. If you really think that they were shocked at their core that there was an incident, and that the NFL couldn't have gotten their hands on the tape earlier if they pushed for it, then I have some 2019 Mariners World Series tickets to sell you real cheap.
  13. Big question for playoffs--do we think Kyle Lauletta getting reps in Week 15/16 would be a positive or negative for Odell?
  14. Looks like it was the right move to get rid of McCarthy. Joe Philbin already has the Packers in control of other team's rosters, shouldn't be long until they're back into the Super Bowl.
  15. Hoping this is the case. I'd rather have him closer to full health in Week 15 than at half-health and risking a re-injury in Week 14.