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  1. Based on what exactly? You can't see him getting the hamstring healthy and starting for KC?
  2. Sure, but you said he's not "worth anything". A decent player is worth something, especially as injuries pile up and bye weeks start. There is something to be said for guaranteed touches when you're contemplating him vs Geronimo, Crowder, etc...
  3. I completely disagree. He's getting 14 touches per game right now and in a ppr league, that's worth something as a bye week or injury fill in. 7.10 15.2 11.30 9.0 I'm not saying he's going to blow up or take over the lead role, but you can do much, much worse.
  4. I don't understand... didn't he come back in the game and look just fine after leaving briefly to get checked out? I have Samuels either way, but didn't know there was any concern...
  5. Right? I didn't draft a TE at all and was mocked. Started Andrews (with Goeddert stashed) and couldn't have worked out better.
  6. For whatever it's worth, Jaylen Samuels said something about assuming Conner will be ready go to but that he's preparing like he always does... "like a starter".
  7. After losing Kerryon/Gordon/Conner in the last 3 weeks, pretty glad I was able to snag Ware. Obviously, I'll be starting him this week but am more than a little worried about playing Baltimore.
  8. I lost Gordon and Kerryon so I'm left with only Conner and Gus Edwards (other options are Chris Thompson-VOMIT, and Blount-VOMIT. I snagged Ware so if he comes through... he certainly could be a league winner for me...
  9. what makes you think it'll work out for Conner? I'm hoping you're right.. just wondering. Are you thinking he doesn't sign by the deadline? If he comes back, I'm sure Conner still plays.. but how can you count on more than 50/50?
  10. I can understand potentially dropping Shepard, but can't see how he would ever end up my 3rd WR over Brown/Adams/Edelman. At best, he's my 4th but that "best" appears to be in the past. Which matchups look good for him? Carolina?
  11. It's MVS or Chris Thompson. CT is on my IR and I'll need to drop someone. The way I see it, KG is my 6th WR behind Brown/Adams/Edelman/Ridley/Shepard
  12. Talent wise, I defintely get it. I don't trust the Lions coaching staff to figure this out. I start Brown/Adams/Edelman and have 2 flex spots. At this point, I'm ranking KG below Ridley and Shepard ROS based on schedule, lack of targets, terrible offense, etc. I don't see a week where I'd play him. MVS, on the other hand, looks to be on his way up with a solid playoff schedule. Worst case, I drop him too. Am I overthinking this??
  13. Been sitting here all morning looking to pick up the Philly D for next week.... leaning towards dropping Golladay over MVS. I don't NEED either but based on those playoff schedules, I'm thinking MVS has more upside. Can't believe this is where I'm at with KG after how the season started.
  14. I'm right here with you. Stashed Chris Thompson on my IR this week and picked up MVS as a hold. I'd prefer to hold onto MVS going forward but it's difficult with Golladay, Ridley, and Shepard on the bench already. Golladay is who I'm looking at... but I can't quite pull the trigger.
  15. Been going back and forth on starting KG or Kerryon in my PPR flex all week. Even with Tate gone, are we sure he'll actually see some targets?