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  1. I'd shoot for Carson, Mitchell or maybe even Jones if you can get him
  2. Nope..I like Ingram but Thielen alot more than Golladay plus you lose Lindsay who I think is going to surprise people
  3. A little light at rb and te..good depth though. Agree with other poster you might look to trade thielen and a rb for a better rb
  4. Personally don't want any part of the Bill's backfield but you might wait to see what you have first after a few games
  5. Stretch run with the playoffs coming up. Who you guys like better rest of the season? Thanks and WHIR!!
  6. Looking to tune-up my team down the stretch. Who you guys like better? Grandal has the park but Ramos is on fire right now. Thanks and WHIR!!
  7. PPR--Who you guys like better? Volume says Hyde but who knows. Thanks and WHIR!!
  8. Season winding down and playoffs on the horizon. OPS league, who do you guys like most going forward? Thanks and WHIR!!
  9. You have enough bats that I would definitely consider Abreu for Morton
  10. Never can have enough pitching plus you can afford it. Who are your options?
  11. Redraft/OBP league..If you could pick one who would it be? Not a fan of Pitt's and NYM lineups plus Cruz has better lineup/track record. Thanks and WHIR!!
  12. I like that you are getting X but would feel better with a higher pick or another player.. I would still do it though
  13. Benitendi looks like toast and Laureano is on fire. Who looks better rest of the way? Thanks and WHIR!