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  1. Bingo. Conner will certainly get volume but there is a good chance that it doesn't amount to much fantasy value. Might be relying on a TD to have a good fantasy outcome. Edmonds has a similar opportunity for volume and, as noted, more big play probability. I think it's definitely a discussion in gauging where his value would be, especially seeing how low some are on Conner this week.
  2. If DJ sits this week, how high is Edmunds' value? Does he immediately leapfrog someone like say Conner?
  3. I picked up Benjamin in a deeper league. He's far removed from his best season in 2015 - 68 receptions 966 yards 5 tds - but I'm willing to take a flier on the opportunity. He's been on the Chargers since 2017, even saw 20 rush attempts in 2017 and 2018, so he is at least familiar with the playbook, with Rivers and the team is willing to be somewhat creative with him
  4. Nope. Nor can you really credit him if you end up winning. He did enough where it wasn't what you hoped but it wasn't by any stretch a disaster and you are still in the game. Personally I was surprised at the lack of action in the passing game. If just 2 or 3 of those receptions that went to Jackson goes to Gordon instead, we're talking probably a 20 point PPR game and no one would be complaining even the slightest about that.
  5. My thoughts were organized just fine in both of my posts.
  6. I don't have Melvin in any leagues, so I wasn't banking on him to do anything. That said, I can still have an opinion on the game and I was making an argument, one not reliant on a juvenile insult at its onset, to back up what others have been saying that the game wasn't terrible by any stretch but it was on some level disappointing. Right or wrong, you expected more because he is that good and disappointment by definition is falling short of expectation. If you win your league with MG, congrats, but all I'm saying is that it's not going to be largely in part due to him. He didn't hurt you but his Elijah McGuire Week 15-like performance didn't largely help you either.
  7. If you win this week, it'll be more in spite of Gordon than because of Gordon. Yes, TDs count in all leagues but the point remains that the TD saved him from a disastrous performance and it elevated him mostly to a somewhat disappointing performance. The guy basically did what Elijah McGuire did last week in a similarly tough matchup. You are grateful to get that from McGuire. From Gordon, you expect much more - even given the circumstances. I won't go so far as to call it a "dud" personally but I'm hardly touting this as some game that was instrumental in winning your league.
  8. Yup. It worked for Keenan Allen too. That said, the combination of the Saints being 12-2 and MT being a really good guy/team player and him already ranking 6th in target share makes it unfortunately highly unlikely.
  9. Yup. Honestly, I think New Orleans really misses Ted Ginn. He was solid last season. He was solid through 3 games this season. No one has managed to step in and replicate his impact on the offense and what the spacing does for guys like MT and the running game.
  10. How'd that work out against the Cowboys?
  11. The Bears allow 2nd fewest rushing yards per game in 83.6, the 5th lowest yards per carry in 3.8 and allowed only 5 rushing TDs all season, lowest in the league (all but 7 teams have allowed at least 10). Mix in Breida aggravating his ankle late last game, Jeff Wilson looking good (fumble aside) and I'm definitely looking at other options after flexing Breida this past week.
  12. The Colts just had Mack run all over a tough opponent in Dallas and everyone knows you can run on the Giants, case in point Henry this past weekend. They'd be crazy to not run the ball down the Giants throats, which is obviously not good for Luck putting up big numbers.
  13. Houston only allows 3.6ypc for the season, tied for lowest in the league. They held Mack, Chubb, Lindsay, AP and Henry to sub 4.0 the last 5 games. I'd be pretty surprised if McGuire did 13 for 60 on the ground. Maybe he breaks a long one.... I'd lean closer to 13 for 41 with 3 catches for 23 yards. Not a horrible game but really needing a TD to have a viable fantasy game - which is what Chubb, Mack and AP did, so there is a shot.
  14. I can agree with that. I think there is a fair amount of "elite wide receivers" where the difference between them in terms of talent is minimal.