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  1. Watching this guy catch is painful, just absolutely dreadful. Can’t even catch normal pitches clean.
  2. Did you just say Yordong gets to play in coors next week? Where is that Southpark randy at the computer meme.
  3. He is exactly what u dream of when u draft ur first pitcher, consistent stud.
  4. Did it tho? Newest blurb says he still feels discomfort in his knee and hopes he doesn’t feel it at all in tomorrow’s bullpen session. Past Paxton owners know exactly where this is going...
  5. But he doesn’t know PAX. His final bullpen session or w/e he’s gonna feel a ‘tingle’ in one of his toes and instantly tack on another 3 weeks.
  6. Why, if you’re the mets, would you call him up? Some of these posts are clueless.
  7. I def wouldn't drop, this smells like a very short DL stint considering how long it took them to put him on the DL to begin with. I'm sure they just wanted to free up a roster spot for the next 5 days or w/e.
  8. Every hit given up was a single, oh well let's see how he bounces back next start after some adversity.
  9. Picked up right where he left off. This guys numbers are video game like. Super excited to see what develops here.
  10. That 2 seamer was downright incredible tonight. 8(!) strikeouts on 3 pitches tonight. Allen's fault it was 3er not 2.
  11. They've mentioned it several times on the Rockies broadcast, he has changed his approach this year, to not only pull more balls but put them in the air, this is real folks.
  12. Indians VP of player development (or something along those lines) was just on the radio briefly discussing some prospects among other things. Anyway he said TMac was shut down but is on a 'quick return throwing program' I may have misquoted him but that's basically what he said. It sounds truly precautionary and he should be back sooner than later.
  13. He's looking like a guy who has a floor of 130r/40sb and .320/.380 and everything else is gravy.