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  1. I think I’m going with long term value with Ketel 19th rd vs story 4th i will be able to redraft story/Cole/rendon 1st rd if I so choose as 2 will likely be around w all the 1st round keepers used keeping TWO na players now- leaning Gorman/manning seth beer 19th nolan Gorman 19th matt Manning 19th cristian Apache 19th taylor trammel 19th bobby dalbec 19th
  2. Bump. Sorry guys had a family. Emegency shortly after posting this a few months ago so just getting back to see the replies i really appreciate the input! im def keeping bellinger alvarez alonzo am down to STORY vs MARTE value is hard to pass up for marte, but can we agree hes going to remain a perrennial guy. We know what we get w story SB, colo lineup in coors etc Any final thought to push me over the edge on these 2??? Deadline is tomorrow to turn them in NA keeping 2 now- think im going w Gorman and an arm in Manning best, Melk
  3. Thanks for input. I def lean Gallo and think across the stat line cats he’s the better choice moving forward jmho
  4. Ty for thoughts. I don’t 5hink you should have to give up another for albeis. Straight up is fair. I think albeis has a big yr. matte will have 2b/of value which is good. I do see some regression w Ketel this yr but would be hard to recreate his 2019 campaign again. I think both are studs long term. Tough call
  5. So get to keep 4 guys and 1 NA. So so much value and a sick crop to choose from. Players and round pick forfeited : (keep 4) Rendon 1st Trev Story 4th G Cole 4th Bellinger 11th Yordan Alvarez 18th Pete Alonso 16th Ketel Marte 19th NA (keep 1) seth beer 19th nolan Gorman 19th matt Manning 19th cristian Apache 19th taylor trammel 19th bobby dalbec 19th Need help keeping Yordan 100 percent, but need input whir
  6. I would not. i like those guys, but mainly out of (my)principle being a Rockies pitcher at Coors- i say no.
  7. the question i have is longevity. is this year an outlier for Marte, or will he not keep it up and be a perennial fantasy player? My league does not have a cap on how many years i can keep a player Martes numbers are right on par with Storys this year. he hits for avg better and gets on base at a higher clip. doesnt play in coors, but has 24 to storys 27 hr. he is good for SB 8, but doesnt take shots as much as story 16 i keep story for a 4th rounder this next year. in 2021 hes drops to 2nd round value meanwhile i can keep Marte for many years at much better value than his actual draft slot, while i lose Story after next year. i guess my conundrum is there is story who is proven, and marte who has come on strong this year, but can he maintain and become a staple? i know many have the belief not to get caught up with value, but im thinking the long term thoughts WHIR
  8. thanks backdoor, sent you my thoughts as well !
  9. thanks for help. as an owner of both Yordan and Petey its a tough call as they are close. Alvarez packed in that potent HOU lineup for years to come is pretty hard to pass up,but Pete is crushing and will continue to do so. the DH only in your league causes a little trouble, but ide be fine with letting him sit in the UTIL spot and accrue massive numbers. i havent played in a 4x4, but in terms of keeper rank forever i go Yordan, pete, robles jmho
  10. so ive been pretty strong with my NA spot and keepers over the years options Pete Alonso - 22nd round Yordan Alvarez- 22nd round Cody Bellinger - 17th round ketel Marte -22nd round rys Hoskins- 17th round trevor story-5th jeff mcneil-20th garrit cole -2nd kept severino last year (1st year ive kept a SP) and it hasnt panned out i am keeping Pete/yordan/bellinger down to one spot and im confident in MARTE, but wanted to see what others thought. IMO it is marte/hoskins...marte 2b/ss value is so good value is insane as ive used my NA keepers for those top three before they hit the bigs WHIR
  11. Im thinking Bellinger for value. I have 1st pick of 2nd round ide give up for Degrom. Good chance i can get him in the draft
  12. Change of tune because i realized i traded a FIRST round pick for JD mart on my way to title last yr so cant keep him.... KEEPING rhys, trevor, severino NEED HELP - Last pick Bellinger 14th deGrom 2nd jeff mcneil 19th thoughts WHIR
  13. Thanks for the input fellas. I traded a 1st rounder for JDM last season that lifted me to the title so i dont have a choice here. Leaning Story, Rhys ans Sev as well. Any MILB thoughts on Alonzo/Alvarez. Dont see mets dumb enough to lose a yr on Alonzo but feel hes he better shot at full time playing time immediately compared to alvarez?
  14. Thanks gor ALL the great input fellas. I actually won my league and have the 12th and last pick, and made a trade for JDM along the way for a 1st rd pick so i pretty much have to keep him. Keepers in the league have diminished the draft a bit as most 1st rounders are all kept with great value as NAs or late rounds before they were stars. I guess comes down to Bellinger/Hoskins for last pick and its a hard one. Im leaning Rhys right now. Peter alondo or yordan alvarez. Wil need to do some more reading up on them. Does seem alonso will be up first but this needs to be a long term option type pick and need to think on it