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  1. I don't how you can trust Stanton any longer. I'd take Lux plus whatever else I could get and run with it. Stanton is a sinking ship.
  2. I'm trying to flip Charlie Blackmon now for some pitching. I got an offer of Tristan McKenzie. I'm checking on Ian Anderson. Got a lot of "No"s on other young arms like Urias, Glasnow, or Luzardo. Is McKenzie or Anderson enough for Blackmon?
  3. I don't think I would. I think Smith is legit and his Statcast numbers back that up.
  4. I would try and see if they would take Luciano for him instead of Adley. You already have Tatis and catcher is very valueable. That being said, if you think Whit can win you the championship, its pretty fair value.
  5. If you weren't going to keep Moncada anyway, I'd take it for cheap Paredes. Benintendi and Mercado are a wash to me in this one, neither worth really keeping but mercado you could keep for cheap and hope to hit something.
  6. I would take the 1st round pick. I'm an Arenado owner and this year he's shown some signs of slowing down IMO.
  7. I'd stick with Vlad. He's crushing the ball right now, he just needs to find some more loft. The sky is still the limit. Nolan has shown some signs this year of slowing down.
  8. Miller has obviously been on fire lately but i'm not sure how long it lasts. Strictly ROS, I lean Miller I supposed, but Alberto is much more valuable long term IMO.
  9. Give me Grichuk. I think he give you more of an impact ROS.
  10. I hope you picked up Miller, he has to be gone by now. If not, I'd take a chance on France over Calhoun.
  11. I think Montero is the best option of the 3. I don't think Kintzler and Miami keep this up and the Cubs have too many options. Thanks for the help on mine.
  12. I'd do Alonso over Santander (assuming this isn't dynasty). His statcast numbers look awful. And yes Blackmon over Tucker probably, again if this is redraft.
  13. My team is in my signature. Injuries and poor performance have me looking at a 1st round playoff exit. I threw some offers around my league, this one has the most steam. I give: Gray, Corbin, Kelenic, Rodriguez I get: Bellinger, Alex Reyes, James Karinchak, and either Corbin Carroll or George Valera. Any feeback would be greatly appreciated! WHIR!
  14. I'd see if he'd do Deivi instad of Gilbert and get someone better the Corry back with the deal.
  15. I'd definitely take that offer. Prospect Bats>Arms everytime.