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  1. Like this take... but as someone also eye'ing Jonnu (with context of Delanie's legacy target share)... can the TEN passing volume support three receivers?
  2. Don't disagree with this, but think the idea is buying a (relatively speaking) upward arrow based on continued rapport built with Tannehill and lack of other receiving options outside of AJB and ... Adam Humphries? He's basically free as it pertains to acquisition cost, that sort of thing.
  3. I mean.... if DeVante Parker can have a career resurgence, it's not out of the realm with Corey Davis who has demonstrated performance previously, and has two less seasons under his belt. May be a bit premature to write him off just yet.
  4. Lololol at all these basement dudes who've never done a deadlift critiquing elite athletes.
  5. LOL... GTFO... Round 3 Duke Johnson's rookie year outperformed Melvin Gordon's cement boot rookie season. There's plenty of difference makers (fantasy wise - this is a fantasy forum iirc) to be had in latter rounds of the real NFL draft... add Jordan Howard, 2015 Round 5 and his 1600 total yards in his rookie season to the list already mentioned. Situation and opportunity plays a huge factor. Y'all are moving the goalposts and cherry picking.
  6. It's a dude basically off the street putting up points covering byes... with his production potentially a difference maker in a critical week... so yeah. Lotta games left but potential difference maker none the less. It's not that complicated, but then again this is RW.
  7. So not going to address the actual issue. About what I'd expect from someone with such a dumb take... Watson didn't end anyone's playoff chances today unless they are moronically terrible at fantasy football... know anybody like that do ya?
  8. That's just dumb... he would've literally carried them to playoffs to this point.
  9. Dude averaging like 10 targets a game... dafuq is dropping him?
  10. This is a really poor take... with all due respect.
  11. Hahahahaha... nope. They let the clock tick down, so have to kick FG. Unreal, lol.