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  1. point is at this point in the game it was obviuous going to be fake so yeah...
  2. chiefs have themselves to blame by falling that fake on 4th and long.....
  3. down by 18, 7 min left and titans still trying to run henry, guess they want to stay true
  4. Mahomes says, "lamar jackson?, i can do that too lol"
  5. mahomes is warming up, just warming up so far lol
  6. its a shame none of the players get any punishment for cheating, oh and beltran doesnt count
  7. Mahomes will have a lot to say whether Henry will matter this game hehe
  8. if chiefs eat clock on their drives and score crazy it wont matter. Plus I dont see titans stopping kelce
  9. Better be careful, if mahomes hits fast, henry will be out of real play
  10. mahomes just put fear of the emperor of nfl in the titans lol
  11. haha, i hear cousins still crying a river.