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  1. i dont know what nfl was thinking, thisnis worse than pre season games or watching pro bowl
  2. LOL at the hype of AB. Its funny both old buddies, Bell on chiefs and AB are on same field and both no longer relevant.
  3. wow, i thought they have someone else... wonder what would happen if rg3 tested positive too.
  4. watch baltimore having actual air attack with backup qb rofl. LJ being out is a blessing.
  5. Lamb only 5 targets.... man if only jets could have such players like lamb, cooper, zeke
  6. jerry jones looked to be swearing sitting all alone there, cowboys are bad, if it was not for jets....
  7. if he does not run 15 times a game now, he is not qb1, not even close.
  8. tyson hill is superior qb to lamar, lamar wont last as qb in nfl more than another year, chances are for rb.