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  1. My first though is that schools are large gatherings that bring together millions of kids every day. Are schools going to be closed all of next year too? It would be feasible for universities to do that and still provide a high level of education, but no way is that possible for K-12 across the whole country.
  2. Why would teams want to reduce the innings of their top 5 SP's even further? Inning limits shouldn't be an issue anywhere I wouldn't think. Maybe they rotate their 4th/5th/6th starters but I would expect the top few arms to go every 5th day
  3. daynlokki, Give it a rest man. You've posted 8 times just on this page. All in the past 30 minutes!
  4. I don't think the season will begin anytime soon, and probably not all this year, but you are completely out of touch with reality regarding personal finances. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  5. You're totally missing the point. Rockies hitters historically perform much worse on the road on average, than how hitters from the rest of the league perform on the road. When those same hitters move on to other teams, their road numbers generally improve, and overall there actually isn't a huge drop-off (sometimes none at all) from being on the Rockies. Hitting in Coors half the time has a negative affect on road performance.
  6. Exactly. That's why getting games on isn't a priority.
  7. I don't understand how any model can project zero covid deaths, starting just 1 month from today - especially for NY. That just doesn't seem plausible at all. Even assuming the peak hits on the exact day projected, people are still going to be getting infected. They think none of them will have complications and die? Something is wrong with that model.
  8. Ok let's say somehow they don't need minor leaguers. Have you ever been to Arizona in the middle of summer? Did you go outside? Spring training parks are not air conditioned
  9. Wtf is wrong with you guys? How DARE you post coronavirus talk in the politics thread!!!
  10. I've even read some recent tweets from sources within MLB that this is something they're actually discussing, but there is a huge reason I can't see the "quarantine at the spring training complexes" thing ever working: What in the world are you going to do with all the minor leaguers? I've posted this on another site already, but MLB doesn't run without minor leaguers. What happens when a major leaguer gets injured, or suspended, or goes on leave? Where are the replacements going to come from? You can't expect any players to be ready jump onto an MLB team if they’re just sitting at home without any live games to keep them in shape and sharp. So are are all the MiLB leagues also going to be quarantined as well? Where at? How will they all be housed? The logistics are a nightmare. And that doesn't even take into account any legal hurdles, or ramifications in the event any players, umps, or team employees end up contracting the virus. I will be absolutely shocked if this turns out to be the solution. No baseball is infinitely more likely than AZ quarantined baseball imo.
  11. I don't think anyone meant all old guys are expendable. He probably means just you personally?
  12. Ahaahahahahahaaaa! "already controlled" Didn't think anyone here was quite this ignorant, yet here we are... not only believing the numbers the Chinese government releases, but thinking they already have the thing under control!
  13. Yes, so do you see why that stat is incredibly misleading? Its analogous to stating that "the fact is, through 7 games, 38% of Trout's hits are home runs and he's on pace for 126 HR!"
  14. This is basically a meaningless number at this point. Only a very tiny fraction of cases are "closed". Do you even know what criteria (other than an outright death) must be met to consider a case closed?