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  1. Aaaaaaaand another Rodgers pick! GAME OVER A A RON
  2. Lol wtf is this nonsense? You're talking about the kicker right?
  3. Holy **** Mostert with ~200 rush yards already?! I guess you could say that Green Bay has the MOSTHURT rush defense ever
  4. They have absolutely zero chance to stop the Niners run game. JimmyG could've stayed home today and the outcome of the game would be exactly the same.
  5. Stop sidetracking this discussion! We're talking about who is RSVPing for Rodger's retirement party. You coming? I hear cheese platter will be amazing
  6. The 49er D at full strength is better than both those teams. They faced way better competition than either team, and their pass rush is on a different level. The only thing that either team has on SF's defense is the Pat's corner
  7. C'mon man, the Niners offense has way more ways to beat you than Tenn
  8. Shoosh it BMan! I built this strawman, I'll tear it down! Jimmy > A-A-ron
  9. Mahomes hasn't faced a defense lately that's anywhere near the level of SF. And they will have no answer for the Niner run game, I don't think thats really debatable.
  10. He's faces SF 1.5 times now. How many turnovers?
  11. But but but but Rodgers doesn't turn the ball over!
  12. No he won't. Better and younger players have failed over the past few years to get that kind of deal. But he's not going to have a monster year so the point is moot anyway.